Coolest Summer Music Festivals Around the World

We’ve already examined summer festivals in America, so for this list we’ll be discussing some of the most unique and varied lineups of bands, packing stages and venues around the rest of the world. With a focus on the festival hotbed of Europe. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, Montreal, Canada. The youngest summer festival on this list has been going strong since 2006, which is impressive given the fact that the Osheaga Festival boasts 6 separate stages of music. This Quebecois festival also doesn’t rely solely on big name talent to earn their reputation either, as OSHA invites plenty of local bands for the chance to play live alongside some of the industry’s biggest artists. Speaking of which, this year’s lineup rocks it with Hosier, Childish Gambino, Gucci Mane, Interpol and many more. It’s this combination of high profile groups and young up and comers that makes Osheaga one of the coolest summer music fests around Tomorrowland. Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland may also not possess the same decades-long pedigree as other venerable fests on this list. But that doesn’t make it any less enticing, especially for the young and adventurous.

The fest was first held in 2005, and it specializes in electronic music with an emphasis on dancing and having a bangin time. Tomorrowland has become increasingly popular as the years pass. With tickets often selling out in minutes for the enviable lineup of DJ’s and other artists who packed the stages this year, expect to see The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha, DJ Licious, Modestep, Camelphat, and many more. Playing long into the night and into the early bleary eyed morning Glastonbury Festival, Pilton England art comes first and foremost for the organizers of the UK’s Glastonbury Festival, which will once again be thrilling fans for nearly a full week. This coming June this summer festival began in 1970. And was inspired by the swinging hippie concerts of the hippie era, including Woodstock and Isle of Wight, and has featured a veritable who’s who of musical talent throughout its nearly 50 year existence, multiple stages and events mean that every conceivable musical genre gets their time to shine, while dance shows stand up comedy, theater and more provide welcome alternatives. For adventurous festival goers this year, expect to catch huge names like the cure, the killers and the Wu Tang clan, as well as a tribute to departed prodigy member Keith Flint. Festival Internacional de Benicassim benicassim, Spain. The name may seem like a mouthful, which is why veteran visitors to this Spanish music festival refer to it as simply FIB. It’s a nearly weeklong party that invites everyone from musicians and fashion designers to filmmakers down to the beautiful resort area Benicassim, for a celebration of art. FIB usually begins early to mid week, with music being held off a bit until the weekend.

As a result, there’s plenty of time for campers and visitors to experience all of the other sites. Bibb has to offer art exhibits, fashion shows, and cinema this year. Expect to see Lana Del Rey, Fat Boy, Slim Kings Of Leon, Franz Ferdinand, and more rock the Fib stage, making this a week to remember. Bruss Gilda festival, Roskilde, Denmark think of Denmark, hours Gilda festival, as the summer music concert with a difference here, the emphasis isn’t just placed upon having a good time but also on education and activism, as exemplified by the festival’s various workshops and extracurricular activities. Of course, music fans also have plenty to look forward to this summer. Lineup, which includes icons like Bob Dylan as well as Tears For Fears, Cardi B, Carpenter, Brut, Empire of the Sun and over here at Roskilde rock, pop country and electronic music. Mix for a good cause, bringing everyone together for a shared love of music and community. Fuji Rock Festival Yuzawa, Japan, who said ski resorts are just for winter fun? Don’t tell that to the organizers behind Japan. Fuji Rock Festival, which hits the Nyaba ski resort this July for three full days of tradition. And international music 7 plus stages may seem like a lot, but the gorgeous local scenery and Fuji Rock’s mission to be as green and renewable as possible, mean that you’ll never be bummed out.

Huffing it to watch your favorite artists, delicious food options, and an all night dance party are also on hand for those not seeking to move from stage to stage. Although with a lineup that includes The Chemical Brothers, The Cure and Death Cab for Cutie, the choice is all up to you. Montreux Jazz Festival. Montreux, Switzerland. The name may say jazz but Mantra has been welcoming musicians of all kinds to their stages. For over half a century, the Montreux Jazz Festival has been going strong since 1967 and over the years has embraced everything from traditional jazz and bebop to progressive rock, jazz, vocals and fusion. Other genres have also been welcomed throughout the years, making Mantra a summer festival where fans who appreciate grade A musicianship are almost certain to experience something new. This year brings a score of musical icons to the Swiss stage. Including Sting, Janet Jackson and Elton John. Meanwhile, Joan Baez slash, ZZ Top, Thom Yorke and more prove that you can always expect the unexpected when attending the Monterey Jazz Festival vacan Open Air VOC in Germany for one weekend a year.

All that is heavy converges upon the small Germantown of Vulcan to bring together music fans from all around the world. Vulcan Open air is more than just a summer music festival. It’s a pilgrimage for many who feel that this is quite simple. The best metal fest in the world. Fans can choose to camp out for the weekend or take shuttles back and forth between the packed multi stage event. But diehards will tell you that roughing it is the only true way to do an authentic Viking experience. Diamondhead Saxon Monster Magnet and testament are just a few of the big names playing Bach this year. While attendees will also enjoy Slayers final German festival show as well as a special hellhammer set from Celtic Frost frontman Tom G Warrior.

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