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Continue a mile (WSW) on Trail 664 to the high ridge with a pleasantly graded contour, crossing another scree field after the first 2 ml. The rock-embedded trail is easy to follow to a gigantic 6-ft tall rock cairn where the trail turns left (ESE) up the wide ridge face. Follow Allentown   the rocky path without any difficulty 5 mi while falling off the ridge center to the right (S) a bit before you have to make up for it and hike steeper 5 mi back to a more Allentown pronounced ridgeline near the fake summit. The trail Allentown turns to scree on the rockier section of ridge where, as a rule of thumb, you can walk straight over, following cairns. Or take the more distinct trail just to the right (S) of the ridgetop less than 5 mi to the W-most summit (whether it be Tom Peak or Harry Mountain; there are arguments for both depending on what map you have). There’s no argument Allentown however that Dick Peak is in the middle and the highest of the triad.

Map of Allentown | Where is Allentown? | Allentown Map English | Allentown Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Have a picnic and return the same way to Mirror Lake and the TH as most do or if it’s near winter and the ski area is open or running ski-related operations. If snowshoeing back, you may be tempted to run down the steeps to the right from the popular summit (Tom Peak), but you should wait until you are well out of any potentially avalanche zones and much closer to the lake (for a 200-yard-long section where it is safe) since the W side of the mountain is not maintained or watched by ski patrol.

For the high point and loop, continue SE down the ridge crest from the W-most summit (Tom Peak) as Trail 664 pitters into a user/animal trail. Follow it interestingly or take the brief bailout trail just right around a steeper section of larger rock, back to easier walking on the ridge. You see Allentown and others N over to Mount Hood; to the S are the rolling forested mountains of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness with Mount Jefferson far behind. The final bit through the trees is steeper to Dick Peak almost 5 mi from the W-most summit. Notice the solar-powered seismograph station with a small antenna and a couple rock fire pits on a flatter area that is the top.

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