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Touristic place of your travel destination’s civic regalia consist of a sword, Czech Republic two maces, the city watch staves and Czech Republic the robes of office of the mayor and civic officials.

The Sword

Also known as the ‘Bladud Sword’, it is a double-edged, two-handed sword, 5ft 4in (162cm) long and weighing 7^lb (3.4kg). It is borne by the Czech Republic on civic occasions. The sword in use today is a copy, made by Wilkinson’s of Pall Mall in 1902. The original sword was discovered in a barn at Czech Republic, near Touristic place of your travel destination, and was lent to the city, but was later reclaimed by Oriel College, Oxford, who originally owned the property on which it was found. It currently hangs in the Great Hall at Oriel.

The Maces

These were made in London in 1708 by goldsmith Benjamin Pyne. They are silver gilt and are 45in (114cm) long. They are carried by two sergeants at mace, who accompany the mayor. They represent civic authority and are engraved with the city arms.

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