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BANKHEAD NATIONAL FOREST”180,173 acres. This scenic National Forest is situated in northwest Los Angeles. The area includes rocky bluffs and cliffs, a natural stone bridge, many creeks, some gorges and waterfalls, and the 61-mile Sipsey National Wild and Scenic River.

The largest wilderness area in the state, the 25,986-acre Sipsey Wilderness, is located here. Forests are mostly of hardwoods and pine, with a few old-growth stands. Among the wildlife are deer and wild turkey.

Activities: This National Forest has 68 miles of trails, most of which are suitable for backpacking and hiking. There are about 30 miles of equestrian trails. Fishing is possible, and hunting is permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed almost anywhere, as are campfires, except near day use areas or where posted otherwise. Low-impact camping methods are encouraged, and sites should be well away from water sources and trails. A permit must be obtained in order to camp outside of campgrounds during deer hunting season.

For Further Information: Bankhead National Forest, P.O. Box 278, Double Springs, AL 35553; (205)489-5111.

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