Johannesburg, South Africa Two-hour light from Zambia

Johannesburg, South Africa Two-hour light from Zambia

WHY HERE? You may be tempted on your way to the Seychelles, simply to ly in and out of Johannesburg without even leaving the airport, but it would be a mistake not to spend a night or two exploring this city. Firstly, it’s fascinating and closely edging out its cool rival Cape Town due to emerging neighbourhoods packed with Insta-friendly cafés and bars, such as the super-hip Braamfontein. Secondly, you will want at least a 24-hour stopover to break up your journey and thirdly, there are brilliant, little-known hotels…

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And this boutique treat is top of our hit list. here’s nothing try hard or lashy about the Saxon, a 53-bedroom hotel that was once Nelson Mandela’s favourite retreat (he wrote A Long Walk To Freedom here). Black and white framed photographs of famous visitors adorn the walls as you’re shown to your room (Mick Jagger, Oprah Winfrey, and Lady Gaga are all fans) and the decor is pleasingly neutral, but with a hint of old-school charm. here’s an attractive casual restaurant that spills out into a sunny courtyard, but if you’re here for just a night, check out Luke Dale Roberts X he Saxon. A thoroughly modern ive- or eight-course tasting menu paired with local wines, or, intriguingly, tea infused with real lowers. But don’t expect fussy and foamy, each dish is plentiful and un-pretentious. We loved the pork belly, compressed apple and blue cheese and the springbok loin with garlic salsa.


He spa. Oh, the spa – new, understated and so unexpected. Take a lit down to a world of cascading waterfalls, pools of all varieties (plunge, swim and loatation), scented treatment rooms (try the sound therapy for something a little diferent to a regular massage) and a hair spa, manicure bar and pedicure lounge.

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