So we just arrived at the airport you’re gonna have to hold it board like this hold a more like this since we shop oh okay baby, we’re like that’s somebody good but anyways. So we just arrived at the airport the minutes are counting down that recording yeah essence looking at his gift. I just gave him as a book.

And then the concept of it is that every day. So, I’m about to get onto my plane Abby. And I are going separate ways now.

And say my goodbyes invites me Missy for some it has been five minutes. And. I’ve already screwed up.

I am now looking at squiggly lines tapi we keep on going out all day very probably he goes away next to happen. And they watch Bangkok. So we made it to Taipei already had one roadblock our cultural block at least SIA was trying to pick a movie but then

I accidentally picked one of the other Chinese or something languages. I could not for the life of me get back to the language menu. So I just went without a movie that’s all right everything else is on track luckily bathrooms still have the same logos.

I can find those during my flight one of the stewardesses came down the aisle with the tray of different drinks. And I was really confused. I thought it was give me some like Asian herbal magic stuff turns out.


I was just orange juice. And apple juice. So I look like a bit imitating.

So apparently this is my gate. I’ve no freakin clue what that means. I am.

So lost right now thank 10 an infant say hello Abby cheer that. I mostly Bangkok. I have now arrived in Thailand about eighteen.

And a half hours later. And, we’re finally here, I’m just off my way to go pick up my luggage now. And more worrisome is figure out where the heck.

I live. I think, I’m gonna take a cab to my residency but, I’m not too sure yet you want to be in my post you’re gonna be on YouTube. I mean okay that’s all right not interested um number 34.

So my cabdriver just got out of the car hopefully he’s not trying to kill me here we are we finally made it to where, I’m staying in the middle of nowhere holy crap this is weird here is my new crib. So you walk in. And, it’s just a little studio but, it’s pretty awesome so.

I got my sink good for student things with sink got my microwave good for ramen noodles a little mini fridge perfect um there’s me my breaker the showerhead could be a little bit better but you know, I’m just gonna have to live with that. And then in here is my toilet. So, it’s pretty nice because you know why would you separate the toilet from the shower now there one which is awesome got a little sliding door for a bit of a privacy.

And here yeah. I got my dining room table for entertaining the guests. And.

I’ve got my cabinetry where. I can hang all my stuff. And got my little wardrobe which is awesome with a little light that turns on which is pretty sophisticated keep my shoes in their backpack.

And here’s my bed, it’s a. I don’t know double or something, it’s pretty good-sized. And this is something, I’m pretty excited about is my little balcony here.

So, I’m probably up about four stories. So I have to worry about any bandits but I get a view of the pool so.

I can holla at my friend. And this is the new 2015 Panasonic comes with a built-in VHS pretty cool these day out no VHS that’s a bummer well it doesn’t look like I’ll be putting on any games but this here is the fitness room. And, it’s all overlooking this pool not bad.

So there’s a rooster that cause every frickin ten minutes can see that getting annoying. So I just went. And had dinner for about two dollars Canadian, it’s insane.

I literally feel like a king, it’s not hard to ball out here my Walt has never been. So full with hundreds long. And there is a few yeah.

I don’t think. I don’t know if. I got one to MBK.

I first mvk got the VIP seats in the back beep touch technician. And this is the big mall this is MBK Sabrina’s secret okay ha ha ha say Oh, it’s actually crazy they’ve got like Bluetooth speakers that sound pretty much like bose ones they actually they look like those ones too because they’re knock-offs but they’re like twelve bucks everything is. So cheap here this is heaven just got my new Thai SIM card no contract $15 a month.

And. I’ve got a better phone plan than. I do at home.

I think. I might move out here, it’s pretty crazy everything here is. So cheap keep in mind it might not last more than a couple days but all the electronics are super cheap and.

So many knockoffs there’s Beats headphones there’s Bose headphones but, I’m sure none of them actually came from the real Factory. I’ve actually met up with a few French people. So, I’m getting to work on my French which is pretty unexpected but, it’s pretty cool actually Satsuki la francais vacuum is amis a tibia.

I think this will be the end of my vlogging for today but, it’s been a big day a lot of traveling. And, I’m super excited response.

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