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One of the most sought after entertaining destination these days are resorts. People are picking up this option because of its amazing experience. Nandi Hills that are situated 62 km from Bangalore is easy to reach within a few hours. By travelling down to the place you enjoy long drive to the place. This gives you an opportunity to spend a day in a peaceful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of your daily boring bust life schedule.
Your weekend can give you the most out of its limited hours when you visit at resorts situated at Nandi Hills. Accommodation in Nandi Hills ensures complete relaxation of body and mind. The friendly staff takes care of all your entertaining needs and make sure that you carry a smile on your face when you leave the resort. They make sure that you get tasty and healthy food at different meal times. That makes your corporate day outing in Bangalore enticing and much looked upon.

Resort life is full of fun and frolic. You enjoy the delightful moments amidst a natural atmosphere. It’s treating for a nature lover as he goes through wonderful and amazing experiences during his visit to the place.The magnificent sunrise and sunset view is hard to miss out. As it is located at 1450m it serves as a home to many rare species of birds. You enjoy bird watching and the beautiful paintings of nature that is hard to find in the cities. Get connected to the nature and enjoy the wonderful weather.

The USB of the resort life is its exclusive indoor and outdoor games. The games are the most crowd pullers as you will not find these activities anywhere else. Fun filled activities are divided into different categories. Adventure activities, creative activities, skill development activities, etc. The list is endless. To polish your skills, team building activities Bangalore are performed. When you participate in these activities you learn leadership and planning. A unique bond is created amongst the employer and employee and an atmosphere of friendship prevails. This way everyone is benefitted with goodness of learning and merry making.

At Hills you enjoy 3-7 kilometers of trekking. This makes it a preferred place by people whenever there is a holiday and during weekends. People working at different levels prefer visiting the resorts with their corporate team because of its adventurous activities. Mountain climbing, Zorbing, cave exploration is some of the activities that ensure corporate team outing in Bangalore worth mesmerizing.

The place is highly blessed with natural beauty and spiritual attractions. You will find Yoganandeshwara and Nandi temple at the top of the hill. If you are a history lover then don’t forget to visit Kalyani pond, AmruthSarovar, Tippu Sultans palace and quaint British bungalows. Your resort life has much more to offer than just entertainment.

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