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Still wondering how you can plan your Miami wine event with friends and family? It’s no easy task but the reward is a fun and exciting night for all who have been invited. But while you may have some ideas from our last article, you may want a few more ideas.

First of all, planning Miami wine events doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invite everyone to your home. Hotels and resorts are often happy to rent out a banquet hall so you can better accommodate your guests. Prices will vary so shop around and see what’s in your budget. And by renting a banquet hall, the hotel or resort’s banquet manager will be able to help you with the amount of alcohol you should have on stock for your event. But if they’re too busy, you may speak to a caterer or a consultant from the liquor store.

Also, ask if you can supply your own selections at the banquet hall and be prepared to speak about uncorking fees and any chances of having staff help.

But what about at home? Perhaps you have a friend who is also a bartender. There’s no harm in asking for help from friends and any bartender who has worked wine events before will have a pretty knowledgeable idea of how much alcohol you’ll need.

If that’s not helpful, consider the time of your event. Evening events may require overnight accommodations mainly because it’s late and because people often let loose more in the evenings. But afternoon events mean people will drink less most often. For afternoon events, plan one drink per hour, per guest. For evenings, at least two drinks. Buy extra if possible, however. Just to be safe.

If your Miami wine event calls for food lunch or dinner, add another drink per hour. Many people enjoy a little more alcohol when there is food. Remember, one drink of wine should be about the same as a beer bottle.


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