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Nothing is more exciting than going to visit a new place for business or for fun! Yet nothing is more frustrating than arriving and realizing you forgot items at home that you need. Trying to make do without them can be tough. Buying them on the road can be expensive and time consuming. Creating a travel checklist will help ensure you don’t leave home without what you need again!
Create the checklist on your computer or your phone. Then you can add to it, change it, and view it at any time. If you have it on your home computer, print a copy before each trip. It will remind you of the various items you need in each category for your trip. Allow a section for specialty items too.
For example, if you are going to the beach, you want to bring along your bathing suit. If you will be traveling for business, you may wish to bring along your lucky outfit to wear on the day that you plan to close the deal.
Electronics are very important to our daily lives, but when you forget your wall charger then you can’t rely on your phone. If you forget your charger to your iPad or your laptop, they may become useless. Make sure such items end up on your travel checklist as well. Don’t forget the charger or extra battery for your camera too!
We all get busy, we get used to being able to easily access our items at home when we need them. If you travel often, get a kit of necessities that you take with you for travel only. Then you don’t have to remove items from your bathroom at home to pack for this part of your travels. It saves time and eliminates the risk of items you need being left behind.

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