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Sarongs are pieces of clothing which are usually worn during summer seasons, mostly by women but men wear them too. Sarong is usually a larger fabric in bright color, or it might be painted or decorated in many different designs. Women wear them by wrapping them around the lower parts of their bodies, and sometimes wear them like skirts. On the other side, men wear this type of clothing like shorts. They can be used not just like clothing, but they can also be used for covering tables, as curtains, scarves, wall covers, shades, bed covers and lots of other things. There are lots of different designs and styles. They are traditionally manufactured in South Asia. Indonesia is a very big exporter of this fabric, as well as the islands of Bali and Java.


They are also becoming very popular in the United States of America. Women there wear them as a beach wrap, but men that practice sports are also using them. They are pretty good in covering up the body after a sports game or a gym workout. They are easy to wear and at the same time they keep the body cool. They do not take up much space, which makes them a perfect travel item.


Colors, Materials and Ways for Wearing Sarongs


Most common colors for men are red, brown, green and blue, while women like more bright colors and color combinations. Checkerboard patterns are also very popular amongst the men throughout the world. They are very versatile, so that is why everyone likes them. Colors differ from place to place, depending on the region and the culture. Patterns and designs also vary for men and women. They never get out of style, which makes them a perfect gift for any occasion. They are simple and affordable things, and they can be a perfect accessory to any clothing you have.


Sarongs can be used in more formal occasions, like weddings. Brides that choose to have a wedding on the beach are using them as their wedding dresses. They are comfortable, cozy and perfectly fit to the beach environment.


Indonesian materials are good for many different occasions, whether informal or formal. Usually they come in many different patterns. Indonesian fabrics can contain some art work, as there are artists who specialize in dying and creating different patterns for them. Indonesian climate is very humid; they are perfect for protecting the legs, arms and hair, and so that is why they are so popular in the country where they are manufactured the most.


Hawaian designs also have a very nice look. They are shiny and bright and women wear them as a cover on their bikinis at the beach. They give an elegant look to the person that wears them on the beach. Hawaiian designs come in strong colors, and flowers and palm trees are the most common pattern found on them.


Sarongs are produced in many different fabrics such as cotton, silk, polyester, mesh or rayon. Those that are made from Rayon are probably the most popular in the world as that fabric is very soft, comfortable to wear and light. Most of them are handmade and rayon is a natural fabric. The material is very durable, but one negative thing is that they can shrink a bit after washing.

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