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Although there’s plenty of laws and rules for vehicular traffic, bicyclists add a few more complexities when sharing the open road. Thankfully, we’ve provided some misconceptions that drivers often have about sharing the road with bicyclists… and a few answers to the problems. With this being said, here’s a look at the bicycle and vehicular traffic issues many often face.

Roads Are For Cars

Although this is true, roads are also for feet, wagons, horses, buses, streetcars, and so much more. With all roads going by a level of service to assist the community, it has to abide by all traffic using the road. A delay in traffic can cause devastating results, so all roads are required to meet the needs for whoever is occupying the road and minimize delays… no matter what is being used for transportation.

However, the more roads are built for specific traffic, the more people are apt to use the different methods of transportation built for the road. These situations are rectified by adding:

Increasing lane widths

Parking Lanes

Bicyclists Are Dangerous On The Road

Many argue that bicyclists are dangerous on the road. Although the CDC states that only one percent of United States transportation is by bicycle, the risk for accident is exceptionally higher than automobiles. With over seven-hundred bicyclists being killed on the road, the numbers are significantly low for hit and runs with bikes or other injury to pedestrians.

However, the United States is behind most countries in terms of traffic accidents and safety, with vehicles killing almost thirty-four thousand a year. This number is equal to a 747 crashing every week, every single year. Given these numbers, it would make one question the safety of flying. In addition to this information, the AAA Foundation reported that a person has a ten percent risk of dying if hit by a car at 25 mph and a fifty percent of dying being hit by a car going 50 mph. Due to the high traffic in New York City, the speed limits are remarkably low for safety reasons.

Bike Lanes Cause Gridlock

Many have the assumption that bike lanes cause gridlock for roads with enough traffic going on as it is. However, many places have noticed that bike lanes not only work exceptionally well, but they also:

Cause vehicle traffic to move faster
Improve traffic safety

Increase revenue for shops located on the street

In addition to the reasons listed above, bike traffic and bike lanes offer alternative modes of transportation for consideration if you’re ever stuck in a traffic jam.

Drivers Pay For The Roads

Gas taxes alone do not cover the costs of highways and roads. With the highway interstate system program beginning in the year 1947, it has long since generated over six-hundred billion in exceeded collections. With this being said, it’s more than likely that even if you’re not using the roads… you’re paying for them.

Most of this confusion comes from the fact that cities are designed for vehicles given the popularity of the transportation. In addition to this, the highway interstate system generates enough income to surpass the business or home costs to maintain the road infrastructure. With the decades of inconvenience that non-vehicle drivers have experienced, the roads are becoming tailored to suit everyone’s transportation needs… whether it be horse, on foot, or on bike.

So considering the information above, it shows that there’s a few things to consider when sharing the road with bicyclists. Enrolling in registered traffic school or applying in a defensive driver’s course will not only help you become a safer driver, but keep you the roads safe no matter what transportation is being used. Looking great on a record, a registered driver course is well worth the safety it provides for drivers and bicyclists alike.

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