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Those who travel frequently know how much stress it is checking in bags at airports, train stations and even bus terminals. In the past, the only type of suitcase that had enough protection for your clothing and other possessions on a trip was a hard-shell suitcase that was often as bulky as it was heavy. With the advent of new space age’ synthetic materials, lightweight luggage is making an impact on the market. Here are some reasons why lightweight suitcases are the way of the future for regular travellers.

Ease of Handling

Contemporary lightweight luggage is superior in ease of handling. Most designs are so lightweight, in fact, that even petite women are able to handle them with ease. Gone are the days when porters had to handle a lady’s luggage because it was often too bulky and, of course, much too heavy for her to manage. Not only are today’s suitcases much lighter, but many are more compact as well.

Less Strain on Your Back

It should go without saying that a lighter weight suitcase will be much easier to lift. Frequent travellers know just how taxing it is on their bodies to keep lifting and tugging heavyweight suitcases. Lightweight suitcases place less strain on the back not only because they are lighter, but because they are more manageable as well. How many times have you resorted to literally pulling a trunk up the stairs as it was just too heavy to carry? The next day you probably ached all over

Lower Fees When Checking at Airlines

If you should have the need to check a bag or two at the airlines, you will find that lightweight luggage costs much less. There was a time when you were allowed to check one bag alongside your carry-on bag but unless the airline is running a special airfare, you will pay (and pay dearly) for anything that needs to go in the cargo hold. Keep this in mind when choosing a suitcase. Lightweight costs less but with today’s hi tech materials, they are just as protective as yesterday’s cumbersome suitcases.

Smaller Sizes Can Act as Carry-ons

Some travellers don’t actually like to be bothered trekking their luggage around and actually prefer the convenience of checking them in with baggage. A small, but efficient, suitcase can act as a carry-on if needed but can also be strong and durable enough to trust sending through baggage. If you don’t feel up to lugging a suitcase around, you always have the option to check it in, but those times you are up for it, just carry it aboard.

Even today’s lightweight suitcases such as those by the renowned luggage company Samsonite are rugged and reliable. Frequent travellers today tend towards luggage that serves them well but is easier to manage. Because of this, many fine retailers like Global Luggage have begun featuring suitcases that are easier to manage but highly durable. If you travel a lot, it is time to start thinking about looking into lighter-weight luggage it’s easier on your back and easier on your pocket.

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