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The written dictation of any of the spoken sound is known as transcription of any of the audio which is also known as mp3 file. The file and audio is recognized and analyzed by the software which is especially designed to transcribe the audio into words, and it provides you the text form by the means of Microsoft word. The speech algorithms are used for this purpose like to analyze or transcribe any type of the document or file. There are many fields where the transcription can be implemented, the uses are as follows:

Interview transcription: the most useful application of transcription is in the interviews like if you want word to word exact written form of any type of the interview, like for example if the interview is recorded or is live you can apply the transcription software. But the difficulty faced while doing it is you have to play it several times to get the exact words or information without any mistakes, and without the written form of the interview it is difficult to get the key topics, you cannot listen it again and again to highlight the key features discussed in the interview, it can be of any type like business interview, a research documentary or of any of the celebrity and many more. The most chief benefit is that people with any disability can also have an access to that interview with the transcripts that have been prepared with the help of the software. Basically it is very useful in the field of journalism and in newspaper industry, because they need it in daily life and on daily bases. Because they have to work on the audio and video contents daily, so this software is very necessary for the field of media. For this purpose the recommended software site is

Business transcription: as the uses of transcription software shows that it can also be helpful in the field of business for performing many types of different functions like it vary in different type of business, but the applications may include the procedures of multiple meetings, sessions of training or seminars, conferences, meeting at larger scale, interview and much more. You can easily generate the transcript of any type of the audio material, it will save the precious time and you will get the accurate transcripts without any mistakes, because mistakes may result in lost of the important contract or deal. The other foremost use of the transcription in the field of business is in financial transcriptions which include the transcription of events, audits, incoming and outgoing calls record, reports and earning calls. The important call recording in the form of transcript will help you out in accordance to the security terms. The transcript of the record calls of the clients and staff will also beneficial in the business. The other factor of transcription in the field of business is that if you want a transcript of historical interviews, lectures, group sessions and private meeting and the key words discussed in all of them. The software providers will also help you out if your audio is of poor quality you just have to inform them about this problem a little bit earlier, they will enhance the audio content and will try to provide you with the accurate transcript of it by spending the extra time on it and paying more attention.

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