World’s Most Instagrammable Countries

We’re looking at big and small nations, and two city states just begging to be photographed according to Big 7 travels, 2019 ranking, which assesses countries via a comprehensive scoring system. Factoring in hashtags, community surveys from a global audience of 1.5 million people and votes cast by a panel of travel experts.

10, Singapore, Sometimes Referred To As A Garden City


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Almost 30% of this tiny island city state is covered in lush vegetation, balancing the greenery with skyscapes and mega malls. Some spots in Singapore feel like they were custom designed for your Instagram feed. Make sure to check out the Incredible Cloud Forest where you can make your way across various high-rise viewing platforms. To get the best angle of the flowing waterfalls and dense foliage. Or how about the Helix Bridge? It’s an architectural wonder designed for pedestrians. Which uses dynamic LED lighting to illuminate your path in brilliant colors. Just perfect for the gram.

9 Dubai

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If there’s one word we associate most with Dubai, its extravagance where better to whip out your phone and take some amazing shots with a well earned reputation for glamor, Dubai boasts arguably the most spectacular skyline in the world and its crown jewel is the Burj Khalifa which has held the title for the world’s tallest building for over a decade. And it doesn’t look likely to be. Overtaken anytime soon, for those who prefer to stay a little closer to the ground, why not take some pictures in the Miracle Garden launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013, this floral triumph is a lover’s paradise. Featuring 3D sculptures covered in beautiful flowers including a blooming teddy bear, heart shaped, tunnels of love and even a full sized Emirates jet.

8 Usa In A Country With As Much To Offer As America

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It’s hard to know where to begin with. Recommendations for your Instagram feed. Throw a dart at a map of the US and you’re guaranteed to land on a state with some truly epic material for your social channel. But arguably there’s nowhere more inspiring on the planet than Arizona’s Grand Canyon, a natural wonder that staggers the imagination for those who want to go a bit more obscure. How about shooting yourself on turnips? Brocken Michigan, accessible only by kayak, this geological anomaly will be sure to draw in the likes.

7 India And Indian

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Summer could be just what your Instagram needs. There aren’t too many places on the planet that can rival the city of Mumbai in terms of sheer variety and scale, home to almost 20 million people, perhaps Mumbai’s most iconic landmark is the stunning gateway of India and architectural remainder of the country’s colonial past. And a true meeting of cultures when the sun’s just right, this phenomenal landmark is a shot you can’t afford to miss, but no trip to Mumbai is complete without a trip to a bizarre place. With vibrant sites around every corner, your Instagram followers will be able to sense the buzz of the market in your carefully composed pictures.

6 Maldives

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If you have an image of paradise in your head, chances are it looks a little something like the Maldives white sandy beaches, clear blue lagoons and over 1000 coral islands. This tropical nation is as picturesque as it gets, though almost every spot in the country is sure to please. On Instagram you can’t afford to miss Conrad on Rangali Island. Twice voted the best hotel in the world, the Conrad promises to inspire your imagination, offering a unique dining experience 5 meters below the sea surrounded by fish in a panoramic coral garden. Simply delicious

5 South Africa

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When it comes to Instagram ability, South Africa does not disappoint. The Capital Cape Town alone can carry the burden with its phenomenal cliff top views. Turquoise waters and a paintbox of architectural colors nowhere. Exhibits this better than the neighborhood of Boa Cop. A truly multicultural fusion of people and styles where the streets are lined with pastel colored homes and vintage cars for those prepared to feel the burn. For the sake of the best shot Cape Town is one of the most rewarding places on Earth. To hike, follow a trail in the Cape Point Nature Reserve in the Table Mountain National Park or for real adventurers. Dare yourself to take a shot on the famous diving board in Table Mountain which offers one of the best views in the world.

4 İndonesia

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Indonesia is a volcanic Wonderland filled not just with amazing people, but an astonishing diversity of wildlife, distinct landmarks and blue ocean vistas. A trek in the jungle or to a sanctuary could get you a rare shot of the elusive and endangered orangutan, one of humanity’s closest relatives. Rarer still is the Sumatran tiger, the smallest surviving tiger subspecies. But there are plenty of more common fauna that will spice up your feed. It’s not all wild in Indonesia. But the country does boast Bali and over 100 Mini Paradise Islands, some almost untouched by the modern world, including the picturesque Lombok and the incredible Komodo island home of the eponymous Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth.

3 Canada

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Canada faces a similar problem to the US. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the sheer variety of cultures, communities and beautiful locations the country has to offer. But hey, it’s a good problem to have a real Instagram hotspot. After Banff National Park is the Metropolitan region of Toronto, you won’t be the first to take a shot of yourself in the incredible June Callwood Park, but there’s a good reason that both amateurs and professionals alike flocked to the award winning landscape park, maintaining the colorful theme. Why not take some shots of the famous graffiti alley? A long stretch of urban art where you’ll often find a street feast or community event taking place. And there’s always the CN Tower.

2 Hong Kong

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Famous for its incredible. Food scene and mind-blowing skylines. It’s easy to forget that Hong Kong, while struggling to maintain its democratic traditions, is full of natural beauty. In fact, 70% of this special region is made up of mountains and parks. Ask any local and they’ll tell you the best way to view the city is from Victoria Peak. Take the fennec ular up about 1300 feet above sea level and you’ll be treated to a marvel in modern engineering and architectural brilliance back down on Earth. There’s nothing more spectacular than Temple Street market. At night, among these colorful stalls, you’ll find delicious street food, antiques and even fortune tellers. A perfect blend of sensory thrills for your followers.

1 Australia’s Truth Mate, Who’d Of Guessed It?

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Yes, the land down under may be crawling with critters who can kill you, but there’s no denying that they have some spectacular scenery. For a case study in what Australia has to offer, you can’t go wrong with, say, Bondi Beach or the Sydney Opera House. Or how about a trip? Out West to Perth. From its vibrant art scene to its unrivaled lagoons and postcard beaches, Perth is a jewel in Australia’s crown. Check out the famous Crawley Edge boatshed sat at the end of a timber boardwalk. You’d swear this simple building was specifically made for Instagram and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wondrous country.

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