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Everyone has a feeling for travel and some may have already covered a lot of places that are tourist centers in one way or the other. Yet for those who think a travel destination is yet another routine affair and what they want is something quite away from the usual then they may browse through daring planet to get some exotic and unusual places to travel on earth. These travel destinations are quite out of the usual as most people either have not heard about it or they may have dismissed it as a place of no great wonder.

You will be surprised to hear and see from the dazzling pictures that such areas exist on our planet and of which no one has so far written about. These are those exotic destination that perhaps rest away from the usual wandering roads or cut off from other fast moving civilizations to remain hidden away undisturbed in the folds of time that had long gone by. These areas on our earth are a beauty as they are either desolate areas devoid of civilizations or have remained from contact with the outside world due to its conservative population.

There are independent real lives tales from people who have actually visited the place including some of the most wonderful photographs that would make you think and crave to visit these very areas. Your own astonishment would amaze you as to the scenic beauties, wild forests, flora and fauna and even small sleepy towns nestling on top of mountains or running rapids to strange beaches.

How to prepare your journey?

There are enough tips in the tales that you need to read as then only you will get a fair idea about the destination which the writer is trying to detail before you. Planning your journey is a must as these are places where other travel agents would never recommend as well as due to the mystery surrounding these places. For no apparent reason these areas of our earth have simply remained a closely guarded secret of some few wanderers and inhabitants living in the place or near to it.

You may get the information given in the daring planet site and if you need to know more then you may contact the writer or post your opinion and wishes through common platforms. You may then look up for the places in the maps and plan a trip by carefully analyzing the modes of transport available and the country in which the place is situated. You may then calculate the expenses per person and then ascertain the total cost by multiplying with the number of people that are traveling with you.

In most cases these places are yet to see star facilities and neither the food nor your stay would be expensive although you may not get the best of comforts. You may just about get decent food and in some areas you may have to camp outside, but that would definitely cut your costs even further. The site has lists of places in all the five continents and you only need to click on the photograph of the place to get the details.

Getting there

You will need to prepare your journey as stated earlier and try your best to locate a town or city where there are basic facilities including credit card acceptance and modern banking system. You may then try to cover the destination you had planned to visit as detour if the place has no proper modes of transport or shelter. You may if you wish try to contact a nearby travel agent once you reach the nearest town to get a guide to show you the place as well information about the whole area.

Sometimes, it may be simply a town that you have located through the above website and you may be baffled at the extraordinary life and culture of the people there. You may even think as to why you had not earlier thought of going to such areas. You may love the beauty of Arizona’s Village of Oak Creek or a resplendent scenic region of Madagascar or even the icy areas of Antarctica.

While planning you must make sure that there are a dozen or so people as some exotic areas may have difficult terrain and wild animals and this is definitely not meant for people who are on honeymoon. However, for newly married or family visitors, towns and small cities are an excellent choice.

Browsing the website

You may browse through the daring planet site rather easily and there are different icons on the top where with a click you get to details of the areas which you specifically wish to visit. If you have traveled to one or more places then you too may write about your adventurous tour along with your friends or family members so that it may help the others as a guide. You may have taken a few detours on the way to a place and in these places you may have liberally clicked your camera.

You may therefore upload these photographs too so that it could be another addition to the list of exotic destination that the site has put out for the numerous visitors. The best thing about these places is that they are unexplored and less said about and may offer you that rare feel that you may have never felt anywhere else. You may, like the rest of us, often have come across several unique places and cultures yet these have become almost like a routine act and therefore what you need is a getaway that can prove not only to be fun, but refreshing and enlightening.

You must be particularly careful about low lying areas if you are driving through your vehicle as low spots can be troublesome and sticky during wet seasons. You may get the latest through the Internet about the seasons and the temperatures of a particular area or those close to it so that you may plan your journey accordingly.

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