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If you want indoor accommodations, local options will vary from few to many depending on where you go. Possibilities near a park could include a bed and breakfast, guest house, lodge, hotel, or motel. Limited lodging is sometimes available inside a park as well.

Some people prefer such accommodations for the first and/or the last night of an extended Los Angeles Travel wilderness trip. On the day of arrival it can make for convenience after a long drive, and at the end of a trip it provides an opportunity to shower and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

There are some who prefer indoor accommodations at all times, of course, and who don’t camp out at all. Traveling this way has the advantage that much less has to be packed and brought along on a trip. All that’s needed is clothing and perhaps some gear for one-day outings, assuming such trips are of interest, and it’s possible to eat in a restaurant or cafeteria at the beginning and end of each day. The attractions are obvious.

It adds up to a much more expensive vacation, however. And in the view of those of us who are confirmed campers, if you do this you’ll be missing out on plenty”and spending as little as a few hours each day actually outdoors exploring and enjoying nature. In other words, doing it this way basically means trading what is potentially a round-tbe-clock adventure in the wilderness for a much tamer experience, and probably a less memorable one.

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