Your essential toolkit for good-looking skin and psyche on Travel

1 Glossier Haloscope in Topaz, £18 Part skincare, part make-up, this gleaming highlighter contains an outer ring of topaz crystal to energise lacklustre complexions.
2 Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, £85 ( With a mix of wrinkle-smoothing retinol and anti-inflammatory blue tansy oil you’ll wake up with firmer skin minus irritation.

3 Mauli Himalayan Healing Salts, £42 A calming blend of Himalayan salt, soothing lavender oil and powdered rose quartz crystals to de-stress skin.

4 Carun Active Skin Hemp Face Cream, £16.99 Perfect for acne-prone skin, this daily moisturiser contains naturally antiinflammatory and antibacterial cannabinoids to regulate sebum production and keep breakouts at bay.

5 Dr Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream, £19 ( Red clover and quince – planted according to lunar cycles – help to replenish lost moisture in skin.

Your essential toolkit for good-looking skin and psyche on Travel Photo Gallery

6 Macacha Energy Plant Protein Shake, £32 for 500g Ramp up energy levels by mixing this nutrient-rich powder into a smoothie.

7 Prismologie Rose Quartz + Manganese Comforting Meridian Balm, £86 Crushed quartz comforts skin and emotions while antioxidant-rich manganese protects against environmental aggressors.

8 Perricone MD Soothing Post-Shave Treatment, £39 Phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant deliver potent antioxidant benefits to help stressed, oil-prone skin feel refreshed.

9 Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, £74 ( A cocktail of vitamins and growth factors helps to support cell renewal overnight.

10 Hayo’u Beauty Restorer, £35 Made from Xiuyan jade, this massage aid relaxes facial muscles, increases blood flow and releases congestion.

11 De Mamiel Botaniques Settle, £38 for 10ml Encourage sleep by anointing pulse points and temples with this potent mix of magnesium, herbs and passionflower oil.

12 YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate, £16.99 Powered by vitamin C and sphinganine, this serum aims to keep skin in equilibrium.

13 Själ Kura Intuitif, £170 ( Själ’s signature gemstone blend (including amethyst and sapphire) works to make skin look clearer and more energised.

14 REN Atlantic Kelp And Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil, £26 Packed full of kelp, a good source of magnesium, and essential oils of rosemary and cypress, this has a de-stressing effect on the mind and relieves muscle fatigue, too.

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