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Almost everyone likes to travel, but very often people complain that they don’t have time or money. If you create a good plan you will find out that you don’t lack any of that.


First and foremost, you need to choose whether you will use the services of a travel agency or you will organize everything on your own. The decision depends on your goals, desires, time etc. In case you are traveling with an agency then you will get all the necessary instructions from the agency and that’s why the main focus in this article will be on DIY travels.


Travel planning without help requires finding a destination and the right time to get there. There are basically three situations you can travel wherever you want whenever you want, you can travel wherever you want but not whenever you want and you can travel wherever it is cheaper and whenever you want. Of course, the first option is the best, but rarely anyone has this freedom. That’s why you need to go for the last solution. So, you have a certain time when you want to travel and you are looking for the best and cheapest destination during this period.


When you are choosing the destination where you want to go it is a good idea to take the weather into consideration. For example, you should avoid countries where the rainy season has just started. On the other hand, you can visit Brazil during the carnival season or the Netherlands during spring when the flowers are blooming. But, if you want to save some money you don’t need to visit this places in the peak of the season because they are beautiful and worth visiting in other periods too. There are certain continents which are cheaper than the others. For example, it is not very expensive to get to Europe, but the prices are more or less high. On the other hand you will have to pay more to get to Africa and Asia, but the expenses for food and accommodation are really low.


Once you choose your destination it’s time to select the method of transportation.


Airplanes in the recent period, using an airline has proven to be one of the cheapest options although this may come as a surprise for many people. The fact is that if you buy a ticket weeks or even months before you go somewhere you can get tickets at a really low price.


Train this is one of the most comfortable ways of traveling, but it is good to point out that every country has a different railway system. The railway in Europe is very expensive and comfortable. On the other hand, the railway in Asia is well-developed, cheap, but not very comfy. Of course, this is not true for the Japanese and Chinese trains which are very comfortable and very fast.


Bus what we have mentioned about trains applies to buses too.


Car you can use a car in case you are looking for adventure, but sometimes (in case your car is older) it can ruin your trip. You need to prepare your car well before you start with the trip and you need to do some math and see if this type of traveling is affordable.


When we talk about accommodation you can use hotels (this option depends on your budget), hostels (cheaper solution), guest houses, camping, couchsurfing etc.


So, eliminate your prejudices and open your mind and start your journey as soon as possible because traveling is always fun and entertaining!

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