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Joining the restaurant-cum-bar bandwagon is CHIKIN, a Japanes pop-inspired space that offers yakitori skewers with a Szechuan twist alongside a slew of creative cocktails diner POP.

To meet the insatiable appetites of discerning foodies, restaurants and bars have been coming up with refreshing concepts to attract a steady throng of customers and CHIKIN is one such outlet that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to unique F&B concepts.

Marrying the simple fare of Japanese yakitori and popular Szechuan Shao Kao flavours, the yakitori bar is a colourful spot to indulge in two niche but equally delicious cuisines.The one thing that characterizes CHIKIN is its space. Housed in a three-storey conservation building, the gastrobar emulates a different vibe from its neighbours. Right at the doorstep, you’ll notice a yellow-lineddoor resting against a black wall, accompanied by a proud exhibitionof iconic Japanese cartoon collectibles on its front windows.

The loud and quirky first impressionis just a hint to what you will find within the yakitori bar. Inside, the dimly-lit space flaunts a fresh, young and effortlessly cool ambience. Walls are plastered with custom-designed installations and artworkswhich are in turn enlivened by neon lights. Creative Director Cheah Wei Chun makes use of fashion, music, art and cartoons thatare reminiscent of ‘80s Japanese pop nostalgia to articulate CHIKIN’laidback and fun atmosphere. On the second floor, you will finda lounge-like dining space createdfor guests who prefer a sit-down dining experience. A continuation of the J-pop theme, the zone features a splashy backdrop filled with eye-popping art that promisesto brighten up just about any kind of occasion. With its wacky design, CHIKIN makes for a great place to gather with a group of friendsor colleagues for a fun night out.

As its name suggests, its menu focuses on chicken and takes inspiration from traditional yakitori bars where every part of the bird is cooked. Its Szechuan-style yakitori menu offers 13 parts of the chicken (priced at $3 per skewer), including thigh, wing, heart, gizzard, skin and cartilage alongside other meat and vegetable options. Other highlights on the menu include thinly-sliced salmon cartilage in spicy sauce ($9) and chilled Japanese snails in Szechuan spice ($14).

More substantial bites include the CHIKIN karaage ($9) and unagi garlic fried rice with fish roe ($12). Wash down the tasty bites with cocktails crafted by CHIKIN’s award-winning bartender Sam Wong. Some of his original concoctions include Dozo Mango ($19), a sake and gin infusion mixed with hints of mango and pineapple, and Sake Sangria ($19), a delicious beverage immersed in a medley of melons and other fruits. Whether it is to grab a satisfying meal or a couple of after-work drinks, a trip down to this psychedelic space is sure to lift the spirits.

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