If your hands are behind your head you’re not doing it right come on get those quads engaged yeah we should bounce pull back we will hold onto this okay all right. And this is the view of the day a bit foggy today but you can still see the outline of these massive mountains with.

I can. And down below waterfalls okay are you okay did you hit a tree Krishna no, I’m scared okay Gail don’t hurt me okay she’s out sit down are you hold here yeah you hold hot here yes. And then can.

I go do it you can’t jump just jump okay oh yeah yeah yeah yeah get my face in there or something, we’re all good I’ll get up in the hood what’s crazy is, we’re literally like in the middle of like the Laos jungle just sitting up on a platform like above the mountains yeah they get. So surreal oh dear Geronimo yeah, I’m great mr. Roper oh, I’m excellent good other than the ropeburn but wasn’t too bad.


I think you’re gonna laugh oh he’s coming town oh my god it’s so tricky easily feed out my life is in your hands let’s do this. So, we’re doing our last zip line of the trek.

I don’t know if you can see it right now but this means going down that way. And what’s really cool is the last tip line we did went right over that waterfall right there. So, we’re all getting pretty hungry right now, it’s only like 12 o’clock but, we’ve been kind of hiking around.

And ziplining. So, I’m ready for a meal, it’s been worth way more than $100, it’s been such a cool experience and. So happy we did it.

And tonight, we’re gonna go find our hostel we’ll go up. And some drinks tonight there’s actually a bit of a nightlife in wangcheng this is where we are right now. And tomorrow, we’re gonna do the famous tubing through Laos this whole area is so many bees like they just constantly are fluttering around you but actually they’re really friendly like one is on Abby’s wrist right now. So we just ate our lunch by a waterfall the guides gave us your traditional Laos melee. So we had someone there beef jerky we had some dried meat master bag of rice some carrots you cooked vegetable over there what do you think.

And we are almost down the heater this is a post this is gonna be real weird hi hi Dorothy hi leave is wick hi who else watches my vlogs are ok guys oh my gosh. I can see civilization the end is dear Gil we did it we got a swim. So one hot air balloon Hey.

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