You’re Visit in Mount Abu Try the Best Food of Mount Abu

The dishes produced in the vicinity of Rajasthan and India are known as Rajasthani dishes. The state of Rajasthan is famous for its rich Regal culture and heritage. The dry nature of the region, extreme climate conditions, lack of water and vegetation has seen the development of food habits of different native residents from unique cooking styles and other Indian dishes. Rajasthanis have molded their culinary style in such a way that many of their recipes can be covered for several days and without heating.

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Gastronomic enthusiasm among the local people, along with the royal heritage of this region, has given rise to variety of recreational and exquisite Rajasthani cuisine from the main courses to snacks till the sweet dishes.

1.Laal Maas

You can not talk about Rajasthani cuisine and leave this sharp red mutton dish. A crowd puller – this hot mutton dish is reddish red red pepper and is rich in garlic. There is a word of caution here, if you can not handle spicy food, please stay away from it as it can set your taste buds on fire. best eaten with bajra roti, you can also take it with rice.

2.Dal Makhani

Dal maakhani is a delicious dish made from urad / black lentils and with low spices and ingredients beans are still the taste of taste. It is the most popular in Mount Abu. It is available in almost all Indian restaurants. Generally people eat different types of pulses in the form of curry with rice, but the specialty of Dal makhani is that it goes well with naan or paratha and it is very good and different taste with a roti.


Rajasthan’s cuisine is famous in India especially for Ghevar and when Ghevar is sweet as well as spicy than it is a great combination.So here I am with the combination of spicy and sweet Ghevar I have named this Bin Bindni Ghevar.

4.Gatte ki Sabji

Gatte without specific Rajasthani platters are almost imperfect; There is a variety of preparations for the gatte in Rajasthan. The Royal Gatte or the Masala Gatte is the Gattes with spicy gravy. Gatte Pulao is preparing for a festival, where vegetables are replaced by cast, which is served with Mangodi Dal or Kadhi.

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