World’s Busiest Airports

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10 Paris Shall Degaulle Airport, Quasi Of France, France, Shall Degaulle Is Busy For A Number Of Reasons

worlds busiest airports

First and foremost, lying just 14 miles northeast of Paris, it’s the logical arrival destination for tourists heading to the city of romance. And given that Paris. Always ranks very high in terms of the most visited cities in the world. That’s a lot of visitors. Add to that the fact that it’s also one of the cheapest airports to fly into from overseas, and it also serves as a gateway to the rest of Europe. Factor in all of the departures of both local Parisians and the travelers headed home, and it’s little wonder that the airport served over 72 million people in 2018.

9 Shanghai Pudong İnternational Airport, Shanghai China

This is an. Airport on the rise. Experiencing growth in terms of both passenger and cargo traffic every year, so don’t be surprised if it jumps even higher in the near future. In 2018 it served a whopping 74 million passengers and if this were a list about cargo, it would actually come in 3rd place given the central role it plays for businesses like DHL, UPS and FedEx and it just keeps getting busier, which is why a third passenger terminal is in the works to help the airport handle the continuous increase in demand. Thankfully, the airport is decked out with all manner of modern amenities to help keep you busy while waiting for your flight. Not to mention being accessible by Maglev Train.

8 Hong Kong International Airport

worlds busiest airports 2

Hong Kong, China from 1925 until 1998, Hong Kong was serviced by Kai Tak Airport, but as demand and China’s output of cargo increased, more modern facilities were required. Built on Chek Lap Kok Island, Hong Kong International Airport is a major contributor to the city. At the time of its completion in 1998, it was home to the single largest passenger terminal building in the world, and to this day it remains the busiest cargo gateway on the planet. In terms of passengers specifically. However, Hong Kong just narrowly edges out Shanghai Pudong by half a million travelers, for a total of 74.5 million in 2018. But of course, given 2019’s upheaval, the future for this airport is unclear.

7 Heathrow Airport London United Kingdom

worlds busiest airports 3

Many call shout dogs all the gateway to Europe. But in terms of the sheer number of passengers coming and going, Heathrow has still got it beat in 2018. London Air Traffic Hub moved just over 80 million people to and from. This makes it the single busiest passenger airport in all of Europe. Also known as London Heathrow, the airport is located approximately 14 miles West of the city center and occupies just shy of five square miles of land. Given the heavy traffic that the airport handles, however. A third runway has been greenlit in order to help the airport keep up with demand. Heathrow flies to 185 destinations around the world and works with over 80 airlines, including locals, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

6 O’Hare International Airport Illinois United States

worlds busiest airports 4

This very busy airport opened in 1944 and was designed to replace Chicago’s then overly crowded Midway airport, which today continues to operate as a major commercial hub. Though certain sections may feel a bit dated by modern standards at the time of its completion, O’Hare was on the cutting edge and quickly became the world’s busiest airport. Though it has since been surpassed as the world’s top airport these days, O’Hare flies out to a whopping 228 destinations covering all continents except Antarctica. In total, it served over 83 million passengers in 2018, and expansion efforts guarantee that it will be able to keep up. As that number continues to grow.

5 Haneda Airport Tokyo Japan

worlds busiest airports 5

Fewer than 10 miles South of the city’s iconic Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport is certainly well situated to serve as Tokyo’s primary Airport and thanks to an expansion that was completed in 2010. It’s got the facilities to meet the ever growing number of passengers who come and go each year. In 2018, the number was just shy of 87 million and it can handle up to 90 million. Considering how popular Tokyo is as both a leisure and business destination. Honey, that would be completely overwhelmed were it not for the fact that the city is home to a second major airport, Nateete that served an additional 42 million passengers in 2018.

4 Los Angeles International Airport

worlds busiest airports 6

Los Angeles, United States. There are few airports in the world more recognizable than LAX, not to mention the many celebrities who attempt to slip through its halls without drawing the attention of Paparazzi and fans. In fact, it’s such an issue that LEX went ahead and built a private terminal in order to allow celebrities, athletes, and high powered business executives to travel in peace. But celebrities aren’t the bulk of the huge passenger traffic, of course. Los Angeles International Airport served 87.5 million passengers in 2018, just narrowly beating out Hanuda. It’s a major West Coast hub and so stopovers play a big part in that number, though it is just 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It’s also the final destination for many travelers.

3 Dubai International Airport

worlds busiest airports 7

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, beating out LAX by nearly 1.5 million passengers. Dubai International. Airport welcomes over 89 million travelers per year. It was originally completed in 1960, but there have been numerous updates over the years, ensuring that like many of Dubai’s most important buildings, it is as impressive and eye-catching as it is imposing. The expansions have been nearly continuous over its 60 plus years of history. In 1998, a second terminal was added, followed by a third in 2008, which increased the airport’s total passenger capacity by a staggering 47 million. Between its passenger services and cargo facilities, Dubai International Airport is constantly looking to expand and grow with big results.

2 Beijing Capital International Airport

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Beijing, China, India might be nipping at its heels, but with nearly 1.5 billion people, China remains the single most populated country in the world and in recent years the number of Chinese citizens choosing to expand their horizons with overseas travel has skyrocketed. With the number of Chinese tourists increasing more than tenfold since the year 2000, that’s a whole lot of passengers headed to international destinations. As such, it’s perhaps not so surprising that China has not one but three airports on this list, having serviced approximately 101 million passengers in 2018, Beijing Capital International Airport has been running at maximum capacity since 2012, and so the city opened a hub in 2019. Beijing dosing International Airport in order to better satisfy demand.

1 Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

worlds busiest airports 10

Atlanta, United States. The numbers are in and the American state of Georgia is home to what is officially the most visited airport on the planet. Again, this is a position that the airport has held for over 20 years running and it maintains its place on the top of the heap by continuously growing in step with other leading airports. In 2018, Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Airport blew the competition away by serving a whopping. 107.4 million passengers like LAX Atlanta, continues to thrive in no small part, thanks to the fact that it’s an ideal connection point to the rest of the US. Once at the Atlanta airport, you’re just a 2 hour flight from many major American population centers, of course, and only 7 miles from downtown Atlanta. It’s also conveniently located in a vibrant and exciting city which just so happens to be a major filming location for many popular blockbusters.

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