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Where is Corona?

At more than 1/2 mi from the TH on Trail 31 arrive at another decent footbridge, this one over Corona Creek. Lower Copper Creek Falls cascades as a washboard directly below the bridge in a couple tiers (more than 32 ft total) with the lower one almost out of sight; an easy bushwhack path between the tiers lies 75 ft farther if you wish. Follow the clear river briefly to Corona Middle Lewis River Falls (33 ft high, up to 300 ft wide, gentle sliding cascade) visible from a tough angle. The trail soon turns under a wall of tears as the overhanging cliff drips (or pours) onto you and the moss-covered steep forest.

Where is Corona? | Corona Map | Map of Corona Photo Gallery

Map of Corona

It’s 2 mi from the Middle Falls TH as you pass another waterfall very similar to Middle Lewis River Falls on the trail to Upper Lewis River Falls (58 ft high, 175 ft wide). These are the tallest of the area’s falls with a few amazing angles, the worst through the trees and brush covering part of a rocky beach as you first see the waterfall. Work to the river’s edge with some difficulty for that faraway shot or simply continue over another bridge to a switchback near the base of the falls where you can scramble down the larger rocks 30 ft to the shore for the best look across the beautiful water. During low flow the curtain is reduced to streaming cascade on the far left.

Continue to hike steeper less than 5 mi up to Taitnapum Falls (16 ft high, 60 ft wide) before you call it a day with one worthwhile bushwhack path down to the top of Upper Lewis River Falls along the way. Take the spur easily 100 ft to the old log pole “fencing” or better yet move to the space between two fallen trees down to the left being very cautious near the edge. The larger of those trees works great to steady your camera if you don’t mind the carpenter ants. While being only a few feet away from the very top of the cascade the falls feel more powerful here than at any other point on the hike! The final waterfall is easy to see from a signed perch above them 10 ft off the main trail to the right. Quartz Creek TH on FR-90 is about 2 mi farther so return back 3 mi and an hour W the same route to the day use area main TH on Trail 31 when you are ready.

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