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Day three in paradise we got a little travel kit for the day we got some beers some water water is the key here. And we’re off to. I don’t know it’s going to take us to an island somewhere so right now we’re going on one of yon dupes day activities an excuse to get away from the resort even though it’s hard to do it because it’s just so calm. And peaceful here yeah like the whole time I’ve been wanting to get this like castaway look not too far from here yesterday we saw crocodile it’s probably about six feet long just swimming through the water. And there we have the Windows desktop saver look at that beautiful tropical island nice little fine bandit ravine. I said earlier is the first one to discover this land is the owner back in 1852 my fuzzy officer he colonized in here in de Panama as he used to call it the Panama like it is like a little car a conch shell it will be like they’re well-armed egos we are on a deserted island. And we have nothing to do except go.

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And catch fish so now what are we going to do you have a show whoo it’s refreshing that’s a refreshing temperature Wow television yeah this is one of the coolest alone on an island experiences I’ve ever had my entire life this is such a beautiful piece of land. And right over there when the sun’s out you can actually see the coral. And I just can’t get over this this is a perfect setup for a photo shoot it appears that we’ve met the locals safety first am i right we wish. And now we’re making all sorts of friends on the island Blake’s on to his second beer this is living what do you think of this island. I love it Laura. And I were just doing a kissing scene for a video I’m making. And this guy’s just like watching he’s like okay look. I get it guys this is easily one of the most beautiful islands of everything it’s a most beautiful island I’ve ever seen I’m going to go ahead. And say ok Beeler – call me out. And I can think of like what it means to get away. And be like deserted on an island like this is what people with seeing their dreams what they see on TV is sitting back with a corona in hand like lost on a beach this is it. I don’t even know what his locals came from no but it’s ok they’ve been always surrounded if. I go to anything they all would come run after me yeah more boys miss Cooper in – it’s only me one is like total returns. I think yes yeah every time do this the new drone look how small it is. And pulled it up. And I can put in my backpack when I’ll go back to the end of resort it’s pretty hot.

And I’m kind of burnt from yesterday so. I need to be careful that. I don’t get dreamily birth all right guys so go tell the woman another funny would be good so we’re going through a really shallow path here that’s below the boat down how these doing an excellent job driving got an Audi all right we are back at Yandex resort hello don’t they how do you feel about leaving tomorrow few days I’m ready to leave tomorrow because like we were supposed to stay another day but we would have to boat back. And the boat was really rough to get here we’re leavin early to make up like the simplicity of it to Delta just be right Panama City. And like yeah well half an hour I’m Helen probably a half hour yeah. And the room has been cleaned really cool because at night you can actually hear the sound of the water underneath you going forever – how crazy for ready for future we see. I got a second date birthday. And it’s literally like a primitive boat ride they were working sides of the village here meet some of the locals. And see how they live their friends made a friend already so we are currently in the village of ply on Chico. And it’s about two minutes away from where we’re staying our guide has just told us that the hammocks are extremely symbolic of this little village here people die they’re put in hammocks. And then buried when people have their children when they like conceive babies they do it in a hammock. And I love hammock so don’t leave this place but what’s going on in the mural because apparently the Dolphins are symbolic like the way we kind of joked as storks are the way babies are brought they say dolphins are the way that babies are brought so they tell our kids that like whatever you see it often tells a dolphin to bring your mother a babies because. I guess there’s a lot of children who need family here the average family size was like six to eight kids preparing for per family aspect which is pretty big. And then also this is a traditional get up for the Kuna people. And you’ll notice a massive necklace massive earrings. And nose ring he was saying that back in the day that’s how big it used to be but then the conquistadors actually came which. I believe are the Spanish conquerors came.

And basically stole all of the valuable silver. And gold. And now it’s much more modest but they do wear like a silver or gold necklace oh that lady right there actually you can see has the very unique colorful cloth on her they all seem to have the fabric tie directions as well very decorative let’s check out the local electrical work the garlic an incandescent bulb just shown there so wound up people which is short for Kuna Yala the full name of the pupil they have five churches one of them kind of like their local trees is where domi was telling us that for example if he. And his wife have a marital problem he has a chief everyone in the village. And they will come here to discuss any issues they have family issues maybe there was a fight between someone. And someone else so come here. And I’ll try talking over the cheese. And a cheap guy acts like a counselor so this is actually is our main road going down there to the water all the way to what’s that building at the end there the Catholic Church okay as you can probably guess this is the most popular sport here in the village Kobi all right it is time to leave play on Chico. And we’re heading back to Yan Duke which is like right over there bye we are back that’s beautiful you end up resort it’s our final night you guys like the minutes are counting down we only have time for a couple more time lapses looks like sneaking around yeah he’s like nobody notices me slightly going on the corner big mission of hostile nations giggling it’s hanging off the side. And ninja you guys it has been in unbelievable three days they’ve been a full day. And I’m pretty exhausted now we are enjoying our last moments here at yawn Boop. And thank you so much stand-up for having us because honestly three four days ago we have plans that we’re going to be sleeping in a tent laura was freaking out she was not excited about that but it worked out so much better than we ever could have expected we saw like this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been some of the calmest moments I’ve ever had in the past like two years have been here I’ve just been so on the go. And to be able to like get away from technology having you know no Wi-Fi no internet. And nothing but beautiful landscapes has been so needed so. And a beautifully if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button it means a lot more than you think leave a comment let me know how you found it. And hit the subscribe button. And lastly guys let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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