Wat Arun Temple Gopro Pool Party

This morning ahead course registration.

And in typical Bangkok fashion the link we were sent was not the right one. And actually the whole University website went down. So everyone’s kind of stressing out trying to get their courses all set up but no one really knows what’s going on today we are going to one of the temples in Bangkok area.

And other than that, I’m just gonna hang out by the pool go to the gym a bit later. And then everyone’s gonna be going out tonight Margot, I’m always down this is it here damn nature he’s scary holy this is. So cool it’s.

I would have thought this looks like an Aztec temple or something a lot of construction going on though that’s their King right yeah Wow. So tall how do they get the by, it’s kind of cool though oh this looks really cool you’re gonna get like a sick tumblr photo out of this for when I win the French surprise.

Wat Arun Temple Gopro Pool Party Photo Gallery

So like this temples like a mix of Asian really that’s cause this isn’t this isn’t yeah the mosaics take stuff that’s cool honestly. I did not imagine how much will work this would be there’s like countless layers full of details flowering, it’s pretty cool my legs are on fire bro definitely lips. I know do you know the history behind the star.

I heard that they used to they built it because they couldn’t get cell phone reception. So this is why they make you wear skirts things would get real uncomfortable for us down here oh no way that’s. So cool yeah oh my gosh it is he’s getting steeper these monks must have been.

So jacked Wow. And it just keeps going this thing’s really cool what was the name of this temple or uh sorry that’s good oh my god, it’s good to know there’s more than one way to kill you something that’s like dizzying just looking down there total disrespect to culture is to self being in front of you, it’s like take a second to think about some people slave their lives away a new you are to take yourself making a snap sorry stop footage how many health. And safety once you see people riding scooters you realize there are no health.

And safety boards here yeah yeah yeah like America, it’s like wet floor like more documented than the fact that this staircase will end your life something usually works out with a fisheye, it’s like. So easy actually you really can point it off of it. And, it’s still little works half man half tiger 100% awkward you are now witnessing my to making history she’s following now just trying to find him on hello something tells me he doesn’t get out too much is that, it’s a no, it’s because the dogs in the temples they think that they’re like holy.

So they feed them. And feed them the feedback you know Xu Xian saw their holy dogs. And they just get over that yeah see you later your majesty at least just peace he’s just living the life.

I think like the brighter oranges the newer people right vishna burning incense as. I guess a sacrifice offering people left that milk for as an offering right yeah yeah no longer the earlobes longer the life okay yeah feel like you’re making that up like nuts that much more in Cambodia in Thailand they take their king. And queen very seriously.

So you see tons of statues as a tribute to them. And that’s one of them there there’s another little statue set up right in front of the giant temple yeah, it’s beautiful apparently if you fold the currency here, it’s considered disrespect to the monarchy. And the royal family because their faces are on the money.

And yeah you can offend people that way. So that’s a note. So it count over there the stray cat just caught a bird.

And put it in his mouth. And now the monks gone after it. I guess the monks trying to free the bird hey shout out itself is reading.

I already figured the name what. I wrote that’s one of the most yes every waiter some people you got some tentacles here, I’m kind of scared what, I’m gonna innovate in here. I would get that what is this chicken chicken spicy I’ll get one of those what is really good 20 baht or less than $1 you can get freshly squeezed orange juice.

I just had the best chicken ever. And, I’m really hungry. So I just bought some more chicken all right good to go it is squads going, I’m sorry.

And that is how you get around we finally just heard back with the new link to sign up for our courses. And unfortunately that link doesn’t work either. So, it’s now been over twelve hours since course registration opened.

And we still don’t have any courses.

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