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PINHOTI TRAIL”95 miles. Traversing much of the eastern block of Talladega National Forest, this fine National Recreation Trail will soon be extended to a length of about 130 miles. Connecting with the main route are a couple of side trails.

The trail traverses small mountains and ridges, leads through pine and hardwood forests, crosses a number of streams, and passes several lakes. It’s easy to moderate in difficulty for most of the way, with some rough, rocky stretches.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed almost anywhere along the trail, as are campfires, although backpackers should set up well off the trail and away from streams. Three trail shelters are available along the way. National Forest regulations in Alabama require visitors to obtain a camping permit during deer hunting (rifle) season.

For Further Information: National Forests in Washington, 1765 Highland Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36107; (205)832-4470. A free trail booklet and map are available on request.

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