Washington, D.C. Travel Guide

Treat all water that you find in the natural world as if it was the most precious of resources, which in fact it is. Make sure you introduce nothing whatsoever into the water supply which doesn’t belong there, including soap or food scraps.

All washing of dishes and your body should be done a good distance from water sources. It’s fine to swim or splash around in any suitable lake, pond, or stream, just as long as you leave nothing other than body sweat and dirt in the water.

Be especially aware of where you are when answering nature’s call. Always take care of these needs at least 150 feet from water sources. Bury solid waste properly, as discussed in Chapter 10. If you fail to do this, a heavy shower could wash it into the nearest stream or other water supply. It’s critical for every camper to take this responsibility in order to keep our water sources from being polluted any further.

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