So we are off on our trek your girl right yeah yeah Gayle awesome that’s gales our tour guide this is Abby say something hey guys yeah copy the one if you wanted to this is the track, we’re here alright now we want.

So, we’re in the traditional Latian market, it’s like all locals here. And to our guides picking out our food for the day because, we’re gonna go overnight. And he’s gonna prepare its food for breakfast lunch.

And dinner. And another breakfast. I think you decided to take the roof yeah like.

I’ve never seen. So many happy kids yeah oh yeah how’d you know they’re always playing soccer. And with sticks.

And wrestling stuff you kids kick each other oh oh, it’s cool you’re taking a post yeah you’re in it we are all packed, we’re going to cross this little river here. And start hiking up the mountain Peter hello the wild Spaniard approaches the cattle Stephanie yeah oh. So we just crossed that little river my feet hurt.

So much that was the biggest struggle oh my god you got helped by that guide you took your backpack no we go yeah. I just look at him just Legolas cattle yeah into the mountains we go in the middle of the Latian jungle like there are only a handful of people in the world that can say they’ve done this waterfall up there somewhere, it’s a big tree right there has a giant beehive at the end of it and. So on the hikes up there climbs the tree every day.


And gets funny of it get stung like crazy climb on over. So we just crossed a Latian man with a rifle luckily he didn’t shoot. And we are now approaching what looks to be butterfly lagoon there’s poo everywhere.

And there are the culprits look at all the butterflies if there’s like hundreds of butterflies someone’s breaking down all the manure hey guys our photo. So we are on route to a waterfall where. I think, we’re going to climb it or something or they’re ziplining involved we don’t really know but what we do know is this is pretty neat how neat would you say this is life all the above mom dad if you see this.

I died here on these hills today. I won’t be making it back, it’s got to be like 35 degrees with extreme humidity. And just uphill please remember me as a good son.

I love you our guides just cut down a tree took a banana leaf. And they’re wrapping fish in it. So, we’re getting some fresh fish.

And we have a tuna sandwich life is good, I’m exhausted we have another three hours to go but, it’s nice to sit down. And take a break. So, we’ve been hiking up this incredibly steep hill for like almost three hours.

And you guys have been lugging up this all of our food you only like a half an hour delay what’s even in there food fresh meals oh there you are Gail you need the space oh no no. I would die do. I though each had the tiniest bit of a red pepper.

And my tongue is on fire. I don’t know how they eat that they eat them whole. So I just realized they ripped out.

So they cut down a banana tree. And they use the leaf as like a table setting. So they put all their food on that.

And, it’s just keep it clean from all the dirt. I think, we’re done lunch now, we’re gonna keep hiking we are back on the jungle expedition it’s so steep yeah it doesn’t get easier oh my gosh, I’m gonna die here’s the waterfall ah Oh like actually hardest – then this bag is so heavy, it’s got like a belay helmet stuff to stay overnight at a sleeping bag hundreds of fire ants here Yojana guys hopefully none get in my pants ziplining put my harness on. And then. I guess we climb up to that platform.

And go down to the waterfall. And first zipline of the day okay delegates coming on a guy DX here in it that’s Turkey okay guys I’ll test the zipline out all good here we go tip it any up the clock yeah you have a cut up. I just said you have the to say.

I see a ship loosening at the once if you can sit here how much space it um. So now using our locks we can start climbing up. So now, we’re hiking up this thing up this cliff or you go you got to switch the clip rock it on here then unlock the second one for backup.

And this is what we hiked up to there’s still like 20 more people to come up. So, we’re one of the first. And you can see the two massive mountains in the distance Wow can you climb a little cable bridge.

And then we climb up that in pig in post but you can scream daughter. And, we’re hiking a waterfall all right, we’re chasing waterfalls first. And laughs almost there at the top.

I think our campsite is at the top of the waterfall. So, we’ve been told but it is great, I’m saying not to believe them think, we’re just hiking first of our lives are we here could it be it we made it oh my gosh look at that whoa that is amazing. And here’s where wrist thanked me.

So this is where, we’re staying tonight a little bit further up there is the waterfall obviously they’ve built some sort of a whole system made out of bamboo. And a bit of duct tape and. So they have this little sprinkler down here.

I don’t know what they get the water for maybe, it’s for cooking or showering but uh yeah Abby. And I are checking out the new pad the toilets are down here, it’s a real toilet Abby’s excited.

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