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Here’s how to avoid this situation before it gets out of hand. In retrospect, it’s easy. NO. Practice saying it. All you have to do is be firm right from the beginning. Here’s the golden rule. If you’re not offering it and she’s demanding it, the answer is NO…with a smile of course. No explanation is necessary. Most girls will back down, if she won’t, remind her there are plenty of girls available for you in town, and she is easily replaced. They love testing you, but women respect a man in charge. The cards are entirely in our favor, since we know how to be a gentleman, and we can afford it. Don’t let that become your downfall. That doesn’t mean a girl can peek into your wallet and take whatever she wants.

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Instinctively, sharks travel in packs. They tend to regroup and plot prior to the impending kill. If you leave for your hotel room with one shark, she’s in constant cell phone contact with the other sharks, discussing the attack, i.e., the size and rate of the money exchanges, and whether there’s more action to be had back at the snake pit.
Wc all can get initially fooled and fail to recognize our prey. If you’re talking in a dark corner with a girl and she’s seems like the perfect one, here’s a test. Look up quick. In whore clubs, most of the other girls know the status of your potential negotiation.

They realize if you’ve reached this point and she leaves, your wallet is going to be in play. Look to see if your girl has friends who are eyeballing you, knee deep in a scouting report revolving around you, like private investigators. If you’re about to exit with your babe and a pack of sharks move in to discuss something with her, it’s about their visual impression of how easy you look to be taken, and how much money to go for. It’s a pickpocket’s football huddle. There are things being said behind the scenes, and most of them involve you parting with all your money. Even the bouncers, bartenders and cabbies can be in on it. Just by being a gringo, you’re treated to twice the market rate. In this unexpected situation when the shark circle appears, play along…scratch your nuts, pick your nose, giggle stupidly…then excuse yourself to the bathroom and leave the club. Game over, you won that one.

Be like a lion when choosing your catch. You patiently wait, and wait, and wait, without wasting one ounce of energy, until the perfect catch…the gorgeous little fawn who’s lost her way walks in, looking so lost and innocent, like she doesn’t belong in the field. They’re easy to spot on the beach, and to the trained eye the same applies in nightclubs. Look for a shy young freelancer venturing out, alone, and unashamed to take chances and meet some mysterious men. She dealing with the rotten hand life has dealt her in the only way she knows, and plans on having a little fun in the process.

When you approach her and talk, seek a personality that is self-assured, curious, playful, mischievous, energetic, and sensual. You want a girl who takes an interest in spending time with you, and would be flattered by the minimal wining and dining. She would never think to ask for it. Fascinate her with the differences in your cultures and that kind of stupid crap. Get the topic far away from the obvious pending business deal…ask if she’d like to have breakfast tomorrow morning with you and lay out at the beach. Set up the whole boyfriend aura, and of course compliment her on how she’s the only girl you lust for at Club Snatch.

Master the delivery of the speech like it’s for an Emmy Award, after all, you’ll be using it on a different girl tomorrow night. Remember, if she is having a real good time now, later on you’re going to be having a great time. With a sigh, get the negotiations done fast, like they are an annoying interference into your newfound relationship. Then scoop up your grand prize and leave. Assuming she’s spunky, has a permanent smile, and an ass that men would go to war over, the deal is as good as done. Next!

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