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Made it to the airport. And off we go to my mind in Asia Ronald McDonald boughs cleanser, it’s now 6:30.

And, we’re getting ready to get onto our plane. So, it’s about a 45-minute flight to my environment ever need to use the bathroom because if you do better get ready to pop a squat all right how much should. I take out 100,000 mmk or two when, I’m good oh so.

I just took out $150,000 or basically the equivalent of 150 dollars u.s..

I don’t know how, I’m gonna fit this all in my wallet okay some pretty much looks like monopoly money almost as the same value too. And this is what you see right outside of the airport terminal just a beautiful landscape of dirt garbage. And concrete, it’s beautiful.

So you see here three little kids collecting copper wire. And making a couple extra bucks right outside of the airport welcome to Burma, we’ve arrived somewhere who knows what we drive that this country is the buildings are falling apart there’s mold growing on everything yes nice touches it with his hands that’s great Health Canada would be a fault, it’s definitely a totally different country than Thailand here, it’s way behind for 50 cents. I got this cut up pineapple all the women here have this weird gold dust but on their face, I’m not sure what it is but.

So for 8,000 or you / thousand. So pretty much eight box you can get this nice skirt. And this advertisement really sold me think, I’m going to get it just finishing up doing some grocery shopping here.

So, we’re good to go for our week trip got some mosquito repellent. So we don’t get malaria got some sunblock. And peanuts few snacks all the snacks.

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And food are like 50 cents or under, it’s super cheap here. And you can definitely tell no one’s ever seen any foreigners before at one point when I was looking for sunblock ask for help.

And I had like ten of these ladies just staring. And laughing at me they’re all giggling because clearly they just don’t get many foreigners through this country firm is actually like one of the most untwist the areas in the world, it’s very difficult to get a visa. And just kind of remote there’s not a whole lot of tourism set up.

So it would be a really cool experience not many people can say they’ve done this downtown yangon the hot spot my admirers the country that is to the northwest of Thailand not nearly as developed as the rest of Southeast Asia there’s just so much garbage everywhere, we’ve seen. So many people just throwing litter on the side of the road garbage on garbage on garbage, it’s just.

So polluted. So sleep in there okay well then it doesn’t go away wash your own piss you don’t know do you guys live around here hi Michael nice to meet you see you you yeah it nice to meet you too you’re selling is my painted did you make that yeah that’s really good you can see yeah I’ll show you a lot Billy, it’s okay Mike I’d like to see you yeah. I like to show you.

I know. I do. I like the paintings but, I’m okay that’s beautiful keep up the good work Michael thank you have a great day, I’m okay for that buyer.

I give a special discount for you you me a brother you’re my brother yeah Oh fine my pendulum yes, I’m okay Michael thank you sir give me a brother yeah well. I love to be lucky oh yeah thanks since, I’m sorry Michael about the Marmont painting well that’s okay you’re a very good salesman though keep up the good work now what are you looking for gonna help, I’m just browsing you need the some are Sylvania from here well. I do something, I’m not looking for anything really.

I don’t know if, I’m gonna buy anything yeah, I’m okay as well. I don’t need anything yeah desk what type is it chick apply yeah cheap, it’s a very go happy no, I’m okay thank you. I look for you know.

I never woke us tonight, I’m the number one customer now yeah oh sure why you, I’m sorry to hear, I’m your number one customer cuz, I’m not buying any no, I’m sorry no, I’m sorry at least good luck though. I wish you the best no no, I’m sorry, it’s been ten minutes. And this guy is still following us you think this is amazing so.

I respect that but it doesn’t really take no for an answer how much are they six dollars yeah. So get them we all get one probably good for five all right. I could use a pants but if.

I guru your new purchase elephant pants style you like very nice yeah. I actually can’t get over how nice the people are here though yeah they definitely make this play Wow that’s. So cool you go in its kind of thank you the weather could be better there should we go meditate or something yes.

And, we’re looking fly as hell yeah these are definitely the friendlies people. I’ve ever met this thing is called shwedagon pagoda shweta gan Pedego de really hard to say but, it’s over 2,000 years old. And at the very top of it they have a 22 inch height diamond and.

So when, it’s sunset the Sun hits the diamond you can see a big rainbow at the top right now, it’s under construction unfortunately but still looks amazing every four years they replace the gold on it. And yeah just an unbelievably beautiful sight here. And there’s almost no tourists here, it’s all the locals.

And right now. I guess sacrificing to Buddha, I’m I’m not gonna guess with the dune but okay there’s. So many buddhas disney world needs to step up its game ha yeah yeah they made a previously important Buddha land yeah.

So everyone’s laughing at us because we bought women’s pants. And we didn’t know it we just saw they’re really cool, it’s a little bit business affairs cover, I’m laughing too they don’t anyway look, we’re bringing it, we’re bringing the trend in you know oh my gosh the detail is impeccable. I would think these are gonna be cool yeah if, it’s not lucky you’re gonna go back home.

So this is what, I’m having for dinner simply pretty different than when, I’m used to, I’m sitting next to a busy road on a unstable table with a tiny little plastic chair. And, we’re gonna be drinking out of a mug that looks like was never clean but that’s just how it goes here add some green tea. And my noodles.

And all this was 500 M K which is the equivalent of 50 cents just luxury living back here yawns having a hard time fitting in this chair but things are good by far the most dangerous driving. I’ve ever seen can’t go three seconds living how to pass each other a lot of the transport trucks that people hanging outside. I would like to shoot feet away from us three Russia this is what.

I was afraid of. So we are now leaving Yangon. And heading to Bagon.

And bagan. I was back on. And for $11 we get our own little reclining seat here.

So, we’re going to sleep overnight that way we don’t need to stay anywhere. And we luckily got two seats each. And just living that VIP lifestyle.

So, we’re like three hours into the drive would have hoped to be more. I just woke up this place is by far the dirtiest place. I’ve ever been.

I’ve been to rural Mexico. And it was way cleaner than here everything you touch here is just like disgusting like, it’s never been clean before no one has any care for it. And all the men here chew this weird tobacco type thing, it’s wrapped in a leaf.

And it kind of looks like bird poop. And they always their teeth are all red their lips are over it looks like they’re bleeding from the mouth. And they’re all constantly spitting everywhere they’re spinning.

And garbages they’re spitting on the RO they’re spitting near the food vendors, it’s been something else that’s for sure this is only day one. And, we’re in Yangon, we’ve now left hand gone but, we’re we’re heading out into the more countryside area. So hopefully the less dust dense population will make it a bit cleaner but for now, it’s been a bit of a hole the only thing beautiful has been the actual kindness of the people but that’s not really doing it for me right now.

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