Trip to Lake Inle

The bus now. And, it’s freezing no long sleeves full, I’m not prepared we don’t know her standing.

And, it’s 4:00 in the morning around some weird you’re starting our day here in lake inle we arrived at like 4:00 in the morning. And scrambled to find a place we managed to get one. And now, we’re walking towards the lake, we’re about ten minutes away.

So, we’re told see you guys. I think, it’s the Hat they’re kind of accepting me as one of the locals. So those are the boats, we’re gonna be renting tomorrow, we’re gonna be given a tour of the lake oh you got your rooster there’s the toilet.

Trip to Lake Inle Photo Gallery

I was looking for it perfect for one dollar we got a bowl full of noodles, I’m sorry rice chicken pork a bunch of spices. And some fish. And we also got a soup not that into you okay aunty, we’re deep in this really poor village.

And I don’t know where you just get big beautiful temples like this. So, we’re walking towards mountain. And, we’re like way off the road now.

And, it’s really cool, it’s just kind of feels like, we’re in the jungle there’s bamboo trees growing everywhere banana plants. And like just really primitive houses, it’s really cool how are you hey Calvin hello. I love it we love your country dr.

Seuss lives in my mind the Mayan Maher Ferrari very cool oh look at this doggies know how many of them look at that nose totally, it’s a group they just patrol the knee read Oh.

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