Trinity of Horses

To the Chinese, the majestic horse has always been a symbol of great speed, courage, strength and stamina. Since the beginning of history, the horse has featured heavily in the legends and literature of both the Eastern and Western worlds. The horse is the one creature that gives without taking, that has carried the great Generals and Warriors into battle as full partners, been used to carry and bear gifts and tributes to Emperors, Kings and Tsars… The mighty King Gesar himself is inseparably associated with the legendary Windhorse, who has come to embody the essence of power and success. In feng shui, when one speaks of success luck, one is referring to “lung ta”, and another way of depicting lungta is by referring to the strength of one’s personal Windhorse. Symbolically, there is nothing to compare with the Horse when it comes to success potential.

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Trinity of Horses

As we enter the Year of the Earth Dog of 2018, a year that features a seemingly unbalanced chart but yet with potential for great success that comes intensely and dramatically at certain points during the year, one symbol no one should do without is the mighty horse; even better if you invite into the home a Trinity of Horses to signify the completion of Heaven, Earth and Mankind luck. In our collection, we have the Trinity of Victory Horses, one in each colour to bring triple victory luck. Or you can invite in the Three Great Emperors on Horseback symbolizing an era of great prosperity, abundance, well- being and happiness.

Trinity of Horses

These three famous Emperors of China ruled during the prosperous Qing Dynasty – they are the Chen Loong Emperor, the Kang Xi Emperor and the Yong Zeng Emperor, each astride his respective favourite steed. During their reign, China flourished with great wealth and prosperity. And displaying them in the home invites in the energy of these great leaders, enhancing victory and prosperity luck for the household. As a feng shui activator, they have been designed to attract Windfall luck from the heavens, something promised by the 2018 Paht Chee chart, which needs to be activated to be realised. It is highly recommended to display these 3 Emperors and their noble steeds in the SW or NW of the home in 2018.


With 2018 around the corner, it was quite by chance that I found myself with 3 new real life horses, almost magically making their way to Malaysia this November as 2017 closes and the Year of the Earth Dog approaches. Three horses, one in each colour, found their way into my life, and it really was quite amazing the way it happened. While not everyone needs to keep real horses – I just do it because I’ve grown up with horses and it is a major chunk of my life (any horse person will explain that once a horse person, always a horse person) – for those who do, this is a good time to “expand the string” as such. The bay horse (brown with black mane and tail) symbolises Wealth, the chestnut horse (red) symbolises Success and the white horse (with grey dapples) symbolises Victory. WHAT’S IN A NAME? The bay one is a boy and his name is BONO, which also means “All Good” as well as reminding me of the singer Bono, who writes great songs and is an inspiring philanthropist. CZARINA, Czar for short, and the red flecks in her coat is the colour of King Gesar’s horse, the Windhorse – a lot of my non- horsey friends like her best – she is going to be so confused as everyone has a different name for her – my mum calls her “Superstar”, my son calls her “Biscuit”, my friend calls her “Latte”! And the grey one is RAYO DE LUNA (Spanish for Moonbeam) as she reminds me of a magical ray of moonlight. When you google “moonbeam”, indeed you get not a definition of moonlight, but a metaphorically poetic phrase which goes as follows: “A ray of moonlight – they were horses, no, unicorns, galloping across a landscape of mountains and valleys into a mysterious realm of twilight and moonbeams.” This is how moonbeams are described… you see white horses, magical white horses. And so we welcome this majestic trio to the team.

Trinity of Horses


They are pictured here in 3Q Equestrian, where they are doing their quarantine. 3QE is a top-class facility just outside of Kuala Lumpur, owned by the Ambak family, who have nurtured some of Malaysia’s greatest equestrian athletes including Quzier, Qabil and Quzandria Ambak, who have brought back countless medals in the sports of showjumping and dressage. Located in Kuang, 3QE is absolutely world class, playing host to this year’s SEA Games, and making Malaysia a center of equestrian excellence in this part of the world.

The impeccable footing in the paddocks ensure minimalized risk to the equine athletes, the turn-out paddocks ensure the horses enjoy good mental as well as physical health, a horse walker keeps the horses toned and healthy (a gym for horses) and the beautifully landscaped surroundings with feature lake and smaller surrounding ponds makes the feng shui here quite perfect! And this country paradise is barely an hour out of the city. We are lucky indeed to have our horses quarantine here, the best introduction to get them nicely acclimatised for the upcoming polo season in 2018. It is symbolically so auspicious for us to receive a trinity of horses as we enter a year that is so in need of Horse energy. I will no doubt still display the miniaturised versions of the horse trinity with mighty Emperors in my home, but am very much looking forward to playing these beauties in their first tournaments in Malaysia next year!

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