Top 10 Underrated Cities in Central and Eastern Europe

We’re counting down the top ten underrated cities in Eastern Europe. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at cities from across Eastern Europe that often go overlooked, but actually have tons to offer international travelers. Since the boundaries of Eastern Europe are often debated, including Central European nations that are culturally considered to be part of Eastern Europe.

Number 10 kutna Hora, Czech Republic

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe

We begin our tour of Eastern Europe and the beautiful city of Kutna Hora. They might fly under the radar. Today it was of massive economic importance in the 13th century. Today, the city’s numerous iconic and historic buildings stand as a testament to Kutna Hora’s past opulence among the city’s biggest and most impressive attractions are the Church of Saint Barbara and the Saint James Church. For those with a touch of morbid curiosity, the sublet or shoe area. Contains the skeletons of some 40,000 and 70,000 people. Don’t be scared off by this popular but macabre tourist attraction though the city as a whole is actually quite beautiful, especially the historic city centre. Other underrated cities to check out in the Czech Republic include Brno and Cheskey clue Rove, the latter of which is located just a few hours from Prague.

9 Brush off Romania

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 1

Though often overshadowed by the capital city of Bucharest. Brush off is not. To be missed. Founded in 1211, the city is home to only about 250,000 people with a generally relaxed attitude and quiet atmosphere. But our shop has the old world charms that so many travelers are looking for in an Eastern European getaway. The city boasts a number of historic sites including Catherine Gate and Saint Nicholas Church, just to name a few, but also benefits from the beauty of the surrounding area. This includes Mount Tamper, which offers spectacular views of the city, especially in fall. Of course, no trip to Transylvania is complete without a nod to vampiric law. As such, it’s worth noting that brush off is conveniently located just an hour away from Castle Branch, which has become intimately linked with the story of Dracula.

8, Bratislava, Slovakia

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 2

For whatever reason, this city doesn’t get the love it deserves. In fact, the 2004 film Eurotrip presented it as backwards, decrepit and riddled with crime, but travelers of a certain generation. This might be the only knowledge of Bratislava that they have, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Slovakia’s capital city is gorgeous. It uniquely blends historic elegance with more modern touches for a travel experience full of surprises. The crown jewel of the city is without a doubt that breathless lava castle, located on a rocky hilltop overlooking the city, brings a fairy tale character to the city as a whole, while Bratislava might not get as many tourists as it deserves, there are few historic centers. This remarkable thing remains so pleasantly uncrowded.

7 Tallinn, Estonia

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 3

A country that’s also majorly overlooked. Estonia is well worth the plane ticket, boasting beautiful wilderness and ample opportunity for adventure. It’s a nature lover’s dream, peace and quiet are never hard to find, but even when you venture into the capital of Tallinn, the absence of mass tourism can still be felt when you visit to learn, you’re really immersing yourself in the local culture and customs. Given the land’s complicated history, it borrows from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland. Add to that its own local traditions and you’ve got a culture that’s really unique to Estonia. As you navigate the charming city, especially its UNESCO. World Heritage Old Town. You’re sure to be utterly enchanted by the medieval churches and winding streets. Don’t know all the history for you, though the dining is modern and first rate.

6, Gdansk, Poland

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 4

There are a number of cities in Poland that do quite well for themselves in terms of tourism. Warsaw and Krakow are both popular destinations and broad slabs, though less of a household name has become a widely recommended stopover for anyone exploring the country of Gdansk. Not so much, but to give it a few years, and we suspect that travelers will be flocking to this remarkable city in northern Poland located along the Baltic coast in Pomerania, Gdansk. It suffered a lot of damage in World War Two, but the Old Town has been. Rebuilt with a real eye for detail. What makes this city is such an underrated gem is the fact that it feels so culturally distinct from the rest of Poland. Its status as a port City made it a hub for cultural exchange for years and those far reaching influences can be felt all through Gdansk, from beer gardens and cafes to shopping and history tours, this city is a delight.

Number five Szeged, Hungary

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 5

When we say Hungary, what comes to mind? Our guess is that you’re going to say Budapest, and in all fairness, Budapest really should be on your itinerary between landmarks like St Stephen’s Basilica and the Wild nightlife, Hungary’s vibrant capital city lives up to the hype, but if you’re looking for something a bit more on tarnished by the tourist industry, you really need to check out the city of Segard. With a population of only about 160,000 people, say God is roughly. A tenth of the size of Budapest, but it packs in a ton of charm and character from its abundance of green space to the sleepy cafes and thermal baths, segard makes you feel at home as a university town. However, it’s also got a strong sense of identity and is never short of cultural events. If you’re interested in heading off of the beaten path in Hungary, the cities of peaks and depression should both be added to your itinerary.

4 Lviv, Ukraine

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 6

It might sound a lot like the country’s capital Kiev, but life is cut from a very different cloth, with about a quarter of the population. Live is the second largest city in Ukraine, a major Cultural Center. Lviv is certainly not short. On noteworthy attractions. Major sites include the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet, Potocki Palace, Dormition Church, and the Church of Saints. Alaha and Elizabeth, just to name a few. It more than earns its UNESCO status while much of Eastern Europe was. Transformed by the aesthetic of the Soviet Union lives. Architecture remains distinctly old world. As you navigate the cobblestone streets stop for a coffee and take a time to soak it all in. Lviv is starting to catch on with international travelers though, so we recommend moving fast before the crowds arrive.

3 Zadar Croatia

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 7

We know what you’re thinking. Croatia is not underrated in recent years. It’s become one of Europe’s most popular destinations. The thing is, the vast majority of travelers overwhelmingly head to Dubrovnik and never really venture beyond the city limits, let alone to another city. Some people have made the trip inland to the country’s capital of Zagreb, which is well worth checking out splits is another great option. Zetter, however, is perhaps. Croatia is best kept secret. It’s the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country and given its location right on the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful architecture, it almost feels like a miniature Dubrovnik minus the crowds. Roman ruins, sunset views, medieval churches. Zadar is modest in size, but it’s a great crash course in Croatian culture.

Number two Ringer, Latvia

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 8

Often dismissed as a stopover for travelers on their way to somewhere else. Ringer rarely gets the attention it deserves. Leave the airport, however, and you’ll quickly realize that this is a destination in its own right and a memorable one that is worth a visit year round. The Latvian capital is beautiful in both summer and winter, transforming from a city rich and green space to a winter Wonderland. The narrow streets lined with quaint shops make you feel as if you’ve been transported into a storybook anytime of year. While the architecture might feel historic, once you immerse yourself. Andringa you discover a surprisingly vibrant and progressive city, from trendy bars and edgy restaurants to the city’s museums and local art scene, Ringor manages to pack a ton of experiences into a relatively small city.

Number one, Belgrade, Serbia

top 10 underrated cities in central and eastern europe 9

Panorama of Belgrade at night with river Sava

This city has a reasonable amount of name recognition, but for the most part that stems from a long, complex, and sometimes brutal history, including the famous World War Two Belgrade offensive and the terrible Bosnian. War, the fact remains that when most people think about their next big vacation, Serbia is not often a country at the top of their list, but the capital city of Belgrade can compete with the most iconic cities of Eastern Europe in terms of culture and historic sites. The city is an architectural patchwork of Soviet era construction, remnants of the Ottoman Empire, modern design and more from Belgrade Castle, to the waterfront, coffeehouses and nightlife, this city offers a bit of. Everything, plus it’s worth noting that Belgrade is among the most affordable destinations on our list.

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