Top 10 Cities in Italy for Your Next Trip

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten cities in Italy to visit on your next trip. For this list, we’re looking at the very best cities in all of Italy, taking into account the history, attractions, food, scene architecture and the effects of tourism.

10 Genoa, famous for its salami this Italian

City has far more going for it than just meet. That being said, you will want to sample the local specialties during your visit. Genoa is Italy’s sixth largest city and the capital of the north Western coastal region of Liguria, a port city with views to match. Genoa is also blessed with one of the largest and most impressive medieval old towns in all of Europe. As you navigate genoas various squares like Piazza de Ferrari. You can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the city. Architectural highlights include the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Church of Saint Augustine, oh, but Genoa also has more modern attractions like the aquarium, which is considered to be among the largest on the continent. Roughly 2 hours north is the city of Turin.

Another worthy addition to the itinerary number 93 S day. The Goria is a remarkable region, but when you make your way to northeastern Italy, you feel as if you’ve been transported. Into an entirely different country. 3S Day lies along the Adriatic Sea from the world famous city of Venice, where sorry to break the news. But that city won’t be appearing on our list today over tourism is simply too big of a problem. If you’re looking for another unique Italian city to visit. However, 3S day will not disappoint. Sitting on a tiny strip of land and surrounded by Slovenia 3 Este is heavily influenced by Austrian, Croatian and Slovenian culture. Blend this with its Italian pride. And you get a city unlike any other. The neoclassical architecture, paired with easygoing locals and breathtaking ocean views make this city and Adriatic jewel. Unsurprisingly, 3 St has been heralded as Italy’s next big it destination. Why not beat the rush number

8 madeena step aside, Tuscany

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There is a new must visit region in Italy and it’s sitting above you. Tuscany has its Cypress trees and rolling hills of green and gold, but the region? Of Emilia Romagna currently wears the crown when it comes to culinary excellence. The cities here are small, but they’re big on flavor and personality. Parma is a city of quaint boutiques, quiet streets and of course, Parma ham or prosciutto. Or Havana is worth visiting, even if only for its beautiful mosaics. Moderna, however, is our top pick in the area here. This sleepy city is also home to one of the most celebrated eateries in the country. The three Michelin star. Osteria Francescana, oh and it also happens to be the home of Ferrari and the birth place of Pavarotti. Don’t forget to sample the Lambrusco.

7 Verona William Shakespeare set

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One of his most famous plays in Fair Verona. Centuries later, it continues to live up to that description far more than just a setting for the Bard’s tragic tale Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a smaller city that punches well above its weight class. It’s blessed with uniformly stunning. Architecture that somehow manages to live up to even the most whimsical expectations of Italy. Its beauty is such that it often draws comparisons to Venice. While it might not have the afor mentioned cities elaborate canal system. The Adige River makes for a more than worthy consolation prize. Modest sized be damned. Verona boasts one of the country’s most remarkable Roman ruins. The arena, better preserved than the Colosseum of Rome, the arena, built nearly 2000 years ago, is still used. Or performances today.

6 Sienna Are you looking

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For a quintessential Italian travel experience but with fewer tourists? Sienna has really got it all. The city boasts architectural marvels that feel all the more grand. Considering Sienna is home to only about 50,000 people. But such is the magic of this Tuscan city. Everything is bigger than you’d expect. The historic city Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as you wander the cobblestone streets, it’s hard not to feel. As if you’ve been transported back to medieval times, this is especially true when the polio, D Sienna is held this twice annual ******** horse race takes place in the Piazza del Campo and really needs to be experienced first hand to be understood, dating back to the Middle Ages, Sienna has been divided into districts called Contrada, and Locals are fiercely proud of their neighborhood and history.

5 Milan who’s ready to do some shopping

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Milan has long been considered a Mecca of fashion and those looking to update their wardrobe while travelling will not be disappointed, but one needn’t actually spend any money to appreciate the city’s iconic shopping mall. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele Segundo opened in 1877. This influential structure is a functional work of art. Milan, however, is far more well rounded of a city than most people give it. Credit for a modern city. In many ways, Milan is home to the Italian Stock Exchange and is considered to be one of the most important economic hubs in European Union. What does this have to do with travel? A lot Milan has a very different energy than the rest of Italy. It’s much more fast paced and international from fashion and design to nightlife. And the culinary scene. Milan is something special number 4 Bologna earlier on this list we took you on a tour of Emilia Romagna for anyone who’s already visited the region. You may have noticed a fairly major omission Bologna it’s home to one of the oldest universities in the world. A thriving music scene and a leaning tower of its very own. People travel from far and wide to see its trademark porticos, but it’s arguably the food that’s contributed most to Bologna’s rising star. This is another city on our list that shares its name with a type of meat, but don’t hold the baloney sandwich against them. Italian Bologna is cut from a very different cloth. Rabu stuffed pastas. Mortadella passatelli in brodo. Bologna has recently been crowned the culinary capital of Italy. While the city is undeniably rich in history, a large, politically active student population also gives Bologna a distinctly youthful and progressive vibe.

3 Palermo, southern Italy

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Has long been overshadowed by the cities of northern and central parts of the country, as travelers increasingly gravitate towards more authentic experiences and shy away from over tourism. The South is finally getting its due. Puglia is the region that makes up the heel of the boot that is Italy and it’s quickly developing a reputation as one of the country’s best beach destinations, making the cities of body and Lecce well worth visiting. Sicily, however, is the region you should get most excited about. Specifically the capital city of Palermo. A true Mediterranean gem boasting stunning architecture, bustling markets and its own unique cuisine, Palermo’s colorful history can make it. Like an entirely different country, and it’s one you really don’t want to miss.

2 Rome What can we say about

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Rome that hasn’t already been said? One of the most popular, frequently visited and extensively documented cities in the world, Rome is a living museum. Exploring Rome is a crash course in history. Whether you want it to be or not. The Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Roman forum, Trevi Fountain. These are just the headliners as you wander through the city. You can stumble upon one beautiful relic after another anywhere else that 300 year old fountainbridge or doorway would be an attraction in Rome. However, it’s just a part of everyday life in a historic city. Grab some Gelato, find a seat in a Piazza and enjoy an appetitive. Oh, there is a lot to do in C in Rome, but apart from rushing, there’s really no wrong way to visit number one,

1 Florence

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While you might be tempted to dismiss this as a hot take, we stand by the fact that lately. Florence has Rome beat. We love the Italian capital, but it’s overwhelming. Popularity can also make it sometimes seems a bit much. Finding authenticity in Rome takes extra effort. Florence, however, for all its attractions and historic charms, still feels very much like a functional, active city. People watching here is a true pleasure and not just because of the consistently beautiful cityscape that serves as the backdrop fit in say, as it’s known to locals, is arguably the greatest of all the Italian cities. When it comes to the arts in no small part, thanks to the Uffizi gallery, it might sound cheesy, but you can feel the romance in the air as you explore Florence. It’s a timeless destination that satisfies both the desire for old world charm and more modern ideas. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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