Top 10 Caribbean Countries to Visit in 2022

Beautiful weather, breathtaking ocean views. What more could you ask for? Top ten Caribbean destinations to visit in 2021. For this list, we’re looking at various Caribbean countries and territories that you should consider adding to your travel itinerary in 2021. Please note we’ll be including both independent countries and destinations that are part of or maintain ties with larger overseas nations, and while there’s some debate as to which countries are considered to be Caribbean, we’re using the most inclusive definition, which includes islands in the adjacent North Atlantic. Also, be sure to check for any travel advisories before you plan any visits.

10 The Bahamas A Destination That Requires Little Introduction

This country is one of the first that comes to mind when thinking of the Caribbean, and indeed a trip to the Bahamas is all but guaranteed to satisfy your desire for the quintessential Caribbean experience. White sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, it’s like something right off a postcard. Unfortunately, the country’s reputation is such that the most iconic getaways like Paradise Island, tend to get uncomfortably crowded during peak season. The good news. Because the Bahamas is made up of approximately 700 islands and thousands of Kase, any traveler who does their homework can find their own little slice of paradise with Eleuthera and Long Island being notably uncrowded, whichever traveler friendly Island you wind up on. Your sure to find a laid back attitude and stunning Azure waters.

9 Virgin Islands

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Of the United States people tend to forget, but American travelers can take a Caribbean vacation without ever technically leaving the country, encompassing the islands of Saint John. Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. This US territory is technically considered a domestic destination which alleviates some of the added stressors of international travel, and really isn’t a beach vacation. All about stress relief in terms of which island to visit, that really depends on your travel priorities. All three boast beautiful beaches and stunning vistas, but Saint Croix distinguishes itself with top notch scuba diving and by offering more local experiences both in terms of food and culture. Saint John is better known for its hiking and natural beauty. For those who really want to be pampered and enjoy the classic resort experience, Saint Thomas is the way to go, being the most developed of the three.

8 Turks and Caicos Islands

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This is another Caribbean destination that instantly brings to mind. Images of crystal clear water, gently lapping against the sand, a British overseasterritory. Turks and Caicos is made up of two groupings of islands within the larger Lucayan Archipelago. When you take the territory’s modest footprint of just 238 square miles of land. And divide it amongst over 300 islands and islets. What you get is a whole lot of beaches. There are a. number of iconic spots to visit in Turks and Caicos, like the instantly recognizable Grace Bay on Provincialis. Half Moon Bay is also a must visit for anyone considering doing a boat excursion, but there are equally plenty of quieter, less well known but nonetheless appealing beaches to be discovered. Pelican Beach and Malcolm’s Road Beach are two such hidden gems.

7 Antigua and Barbuda

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Not to be confused with Barbados, another worthy Caribbean destination Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country made up of the two islands from which it takes its name for those looking to do it all in a single trip, you couldn’t ask for a better destination. The Rolling Green Hills make these islands appear like verdant green gems floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Antigos coastline hides countless secret little Cove beaches just waiting to be discovered, while the capital city of Saint Johns, those small makes for a delightful crash course in local culture. Food and Caribbean hospitality. From its white and pink sand beaches to the opportunity for adventure in its rainforest to horseback riding, there is truly something for every sort of traveler. Oh, and we didn’t mention the country’s claim to fame. 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Suffice it to say, you’ll never want to leave.

6 Trinidad and Tobago

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They said that good things come in pairs and based on how these Caribbean destinations are named, that certainly seems to be the case. Some travelers are looking for sun sand, great weather and nothing else. When they take a Caribbean holiday and that’s totally fine. But for those who like to immerse themselves in a distinct local culture, go ahead and bump Trinidad and Tobago to the top of your bucket list because the economy is primarily driven by oil, there is less reliance on tourism and that makes the country. Notably untarnished by tourist centric businesses and development. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of palm trees and idyllic beaches and there are also mangroves, dive spots and rainforests who explore the capital city Port of Spain is known for its vibrant nightlife with the annual carnival festivals being a highlight. Foodies in particular are sure to fall in love with Trinidad and Tobago for its seafood and Curry’s.

5 Grenada and Independent Nation located to the north of Venezuela

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Grenada consists of seven islands, a main landmass which shares its name with the country and six smaller islands. Altogether they add up to just about 135 square miles of land, but despite its modest size, Grenada has much to offer travelers. The country is arguably best known for the fragrant and flavorful foods that grow in abundance in the lush environment, nutmeg is the country’s export earning the country the nickname. The spice aisle. As you probably imagine, the cuisine is wonderfully distinct, but represents just a fraction of the country’s appeal. Grenada is also rich in beaches with calm down sand, Lesage being two of the most noteworthy. A large portion of the main island is a nature reserve, and the country tends to be quite popular with birdwatchers. Of course, Grenada is a must visit for music lovers, with festivals occurring all throughout the year.

4 Jamaica, as in Grenada music

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In this case, world famous is very much a part of everyday life. In this Caribbean country. In terms of beaches, you’re spoiled for choice in Jamaica, but some of the most popular stretches of sand include Negril Beach, Ocho Rios Bay and doctors cave. For something a little more under the radar, check out Fonthill Beach or Burwood Beach, both of which are known to be beautiful but uncrowded if you can pull yourself away from the shoreline. The islands, abundant flowers, banana Groves and impossibly numerous waterfalls invite you to venture. Inland, caving hiking, scuba diving. There’s no shortage of adventures to be had in Jamaica, and we haven’t even had the chance to address the food. Really, we don’t have enough time to do this utterly unique country justice.

3 Q to Sal

top 10 caribbean countries to visit in 2021

You’ve likely tasted the blue liqueur in a cocktail at some point, but chances are that you’ve never considered a trip to the island where it was first developed. One of the Caribbean’s most overlooked and underrated destinations, this constituent country of the Netherlands is a place of welcome contradictions. CUDA sales capital City feels like a little slice of Amsterdam. All be it with palm trees dropped into the Atlantic off the coast of Venezuela. Boasting beautiful weather year round and world class beaches, cutis AL promotes itself as a Caribbean getaway, but you can’t fully fathom its unique cultural offerings until you’ve experienced the island first hand and ethnically diverse country, the blend of Caribbean and European cultures yields fascinating rewards. Mid feels like 2 trips in one.

2 Puerto Rico

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After weathering a devastating hurricane in 2017, this unincorporated territory of the United States has had a long road to recovery and a global pandemic in 2020 that brought travel to a screeching halt. Really hasn’t helped, but we’re hoping that 2021 proves to be a big year for Puerto Rico because it’s an American destination. With so much to offer, it’s culturally and historically fascinating not to mention vibrant and the beaches are beautiful. Sample a local specialty like Lechonera. Learn to surf. On the world class waves or just kick back and relax at a resort like the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico has the added bonus for American travelers of being pretty hassle free to visit.

1 Aruba More Than Perhaps Any Other Destination On Our List Today

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Aruba’s name immediately brings to mind a sense of exoticism and island paradise. The A in the Dutch ABC Islands C is for the Afor mentioned kuzel. Aruba is pleasantly most isolated from hurricane season, in fact. It boasts close to perfect weather with approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. The beaches are impossibly soft sanded and the turquoise waters oh so inviting. Plus, despite the islands relatively small size, it’s got a type of beach for every kind of traveler. From party centric Palm Beach to the more relaxed and secluded Boca Grande, the waters are a scuba divers paradise, while the tiny capital city of Orania stat offers all the shopping any traveler could ask for. 2020 was a rough year. So why not treat yourself in 2021?

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