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China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It is also the most populous country and it covers huge area. So, it is no surprise why so many people want to visit China. There are more than 60 million foreign tourists who visit China every year. These numbers are still growing because China is staying on the reform and opening course. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country you will need to make a good plan. For example, you have to make a shortlist of places that you need to visit because there are hundreds of places worth visiting there and if you don’t have a plan you may miss some of the most important places. Some foreigners will need to obtain visa too. Finally, another important thing to do is choosing a good hotel. There are hundreds of hotels in China, but not all of them provide the same quality. Some of them are exclusive while others may not satisfy the standards of Western tourists for example. The good news is that you can easily find cheap hotels that provide quality accommodation. Now let’s highlight some ways to find good hotels in China.




To start with, you can ask your friends, colleagues or family members. As we have mentioned before, China is becoming a real tourist hotspot and chances are that some of the people you know have visited this amazing country. For example, your colleagues may have been there on a business trip because Chinese economy is becoming stronger and stronger and their market is constantly growing. Your friends or family members may have been there to visit some of the attractions like the Great Wall of China or some other historical sites or maybe they were exploring the wildlife. So, if you find someone who has been there ask them about accommodation and see if they were satisfied with what they got. If it worked for them it will probably work for you too.


In case, none of your friends has visited this part of Asia you should use the Internet. The internet is a great source of information and most Chinese hotels have their own websites and most of them have support in several foreign languages. So, you can start your search on some of the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Ask or Yahoo. If you know where are you going you can add the city in the search box too in order to get more precise results. You’ll be surprised how many search results you will get. Take your time and check the first results you get. If you don’t have time to do a research like that you can always find some specialized website that lists the best hotels in China and make a reservation through this website. They are good because they usually have reviews and detailed information about every hotel. Some of them allow reviews from the users too and this is something very helpful. Finally, you can use some online forums or discussion boards. There are many users who provide honest information and opinions about their experience with accommodation in China on these forums and boards.


If you know where you are going, make sure to learn something more about that place in order to get most from your trip.

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