Rived here at the four seasons we just parked their bike down there. And this is the most expensive resort in all of Bali.

So, we’re gonna go take a look around down the walkway just keep on walking follow the great brick road here here at the front all right okay this may be nice things are starting to unfold not too sure what’s going on here but this is really really cool really no idea if. I cross this bridge to get through the front lobby. And then you’ve got this massive pond overlooking the Balinese jungle.

And terraces mr. see the path keeps going. And going it going this is so beautiful just like this really grand opening overlooking the entire jungle. So welcome to Paris where, I’m walking on my life my team. And I thank you.

So much your shoes this is like next level luxury this is amazing. And down there is a river running through the resort yes thank you nice good yeah. And these are the sweets here no sir we have five up that to it.

And those hi good afternoon oh wow. So nice peaceful pool overlooking the river that runs through the resort, it’s really really pretty here. And of course everyone knows you by name here, it’s just like the utmost top service you’ll ever get very impressive.


And our tour continues violet. And yeah yeah we are here at villa 52, we’re gonna go take a look what it looks like to live in one of Bali’s most expensive villas this is very cool, it’s open concept yeah you feel like you’re in the nature, we’ve got this beautiful pool this is lovely oh no worries Wow experience. And here is the bathroom is the bathroom of course you need a walk-in closet.

And a master soaker tub no jacuzzi very disappointing yeah. So, it’s going outdoor shower for when you come in from your little pool. And back into the bathroom.

And how would you ever stay in a hotel room without massive walk-in closet. I know. I had.

And if you’re 10 foot 12 this place is perfect for you, it’s got about 18 foot ceilings good for any NBA player or mutant you’re ever in the market this is a great place to come, it’s incredible what are your thoughts ler a little bit out of our price range tragedies at this point in time but if anyone wants to donate to my Kickstarter project, it’s called get Christian into the Four Seasons for the rest of his life project. So just you know donate a simple three thousand to twenty thousand dollars. And you’ll be able to help me accomplish my dreams thanks guys well we are heading out of here huge thank you to four seasons for inviting us to come check out the resort too bad we can’t stay here maybe next time for tonight we have a date with the most basic place you’ve ever seen okay guys feel like.

I’ve been doing too many tours. And not enough talking about me. So how am.

I feeling good, I’m doing pretty good anyways back to the tour this here is the blue bridge they called the blue bridge because they actually painted it blue on the bridge. I’ve just been waiting for this to happen, it’s been. So close to raining all day now that, it’s time to leave my bike of course, it’s going to start pouring.

So this will be interesting Abby your makeups going to run. And then people will see your real face no which is equally as beautiful see what. I did there folks a wonder heart over Oh.

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