The Best Worst Day in Koh Tao

Bro why you crossing the road why are you crossing the road the mystery remains it is 6:15, it’s time to do some scuba diving. I bought some goggles at the shop yesterday because the goggles that they had was. So painful to wear.

And like diving’s was. So incredible except for the massive pain. I was feeling on my forehead so.

I was like for 30 bucks. And might as well get myself my own pair. So I can do my own scuba diving.

And snorkeling whenever. I need. And actually when they bought the pair they took a lighter to the inside.

I guess there was like a film on the inside of goggles that I’ll sometimes and. So they burnt off the inner film. And then they covered it in toothpaste.

So this morning. I need to wash the toothpaste out. And apparently it should be clearer than ever is 6:30.

And it is such a beautiful day today. So I was expecting our third dive site to be an island but we have just driven pretty much kilometers off the coast of the town. And, we’re going to dive down here.

So this is Shawn pond. And our third dive of four guy looks really pretty the joke bro dive number three successful all four of us came back up our sorry three of us there’s only three, I’m just playing with the fans just a couple of divers going through the town, we’re looking for some deed. So we completed our dive course this morning we started really early like 6:15.

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And finished around noon not earlier not 11:00 and. So, we’ve got the day to ourselves to go explore hotel. And I think, we’re going to cross over to this point where there’s like three islands that connect.

And there’s like a beach in between, it’s really scenic. So you will see that maybe could make it across right now, we’re just looking for some cheap Thai food because tonight, we’re doing all-you-can-eat pizza life’s good let’s come here tonight look over it Oh buddy my 10 every shot refers to the fishbowl okay sweet it takes three wheels to make a tricycle fall third wheel are pretty cool a cool is kayaks we are here at the beach. And we got a kayak onto that they go way down there.

So see me quit the kayak. I feel like it makes more sense to rent further down cuz yeah look at that manta ray whoa diverse wildlife call the shore but you were like once you put the put it on all the GoPro news. So we just got dropped off 400.

And yeah hundred baht to get you. So like three. And a half dollars.

And it is. So beautiful, we’re mad at ourselves for not bringing our goggles. And another money grab well we spent like half our time in Koh Tao in a basement tonight’s our last night.

And, we’re just seeing this now kind of bummed but this is amazing the water is probably the clearest. I’ve seen. And the landscapes the best the only thing that could be better is the sand the sands a bit Coralie Hotel you did good which way anything you go probably straight.

I can’t get over how nice this is you pretty much have the whole island first elves. I mean there’s a few people here but considering how big of a touristy area this is, we’re definitely in like a low time oh hello good sir how much is it to pass all right see you later up to the viewpoint we go it’s so hot oh good smooth sailing from here.

And they’re like. And this is a lookout. And over there is Kotel in Island impressive as it is Paul just dropped this phone season.

So hopefully it still works all hope is restored ball casting. I won’t bear for you for this today yeah. I don’t know yeah yeah take my flip-flops let’s make it a TV for the view okay honey okay okay cube please knowledge on my flip flops like that would just that just wrecked my freaking GoPro.

I don’t see it actually don’t see it at all okay see you guys later see you later Timothy where’s Ken the local rooster sweaty cough. So it had a bit of a casualty today pull while on top of the cliffside dropped his samsung s4 down the cliff. And then

I was trying to help him find it luckily. I was able to go find it but I had to like lower myself down the cliffside basically.

And in the process. I like wrecked my GoPro screen. So, I’m actually just airing out the screen.

I wrecked my GoPro lens. So I don’t know if you can see a big scratch on the screen but like, it’s dead center on the lens. So, I’m just pretty bummed right now.

I don’t know what. I can do to fix it but I use this.

I use this go forever game.

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