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Sumptuous Sukhumvit

When you visit Thailand on a holiday, you will be greeted by a distinct sense of serenity and splendor almost everywhere you go. Truly and literally, you can find a lot of enjoyment in:
The culture,
Shopping and the

Night life and entertainment opportunities that Bangkok offers.

For instance, if you were to keep abreast of Sukhumvit news, and you will find that this place has become famous for:
High-end condominiums.
Best of urban shopping.
Local markets.
Luxury hotels and traditional eating joints.

Parks and so on.

One of the biggest reasons to tour places such as Sukhumvit and so many others in Bangkok is definitely the opportunities to sample traditional and global cuisine. Take for instance the fact that Sukhumvit Road plays host to a range of hotels and restaurants such as:
Budget restaurants.
Places that serve fusion food.
Concept restaurants such as Cabbages and Condoms’.

Upscale eateries too.

You can also choose establishments according to cuisine because you will find the best of Asian, European, Mexican, French and Middle East food out here.

Of course, you can also try out the new restaurants that keep opening up in various places of Thailand. For instance, one of the latest in the news is Ma Du Zi Hotel in Bangkok. This is a boutique hotel.


Places such as Sukhumvit Road offer a vast range of shopping experiences as well. But if you want to enjoy some very unique malls, then you must visit Terminal 21. Can you imagine walking into a shopping mall which is inspired by an Airport? Terminal 21 is just that! Each floor is modeled after various cities of the world. So you will feel like you have taken a global tour under one roof.

Of course, shopping in Thailand is not always in brick and mortar establishments. You could also cruise down the many picturesque canals and enjoy shopping from floatingmarkets for local produce. You can go home and say that you bought your Bangkok souvenir from a boatman!

A great holiday will always have one beach or another and Thailand offers beaches in places such as:
Ko Tao
Phuket and

KoSamui too.

You can choose your beach destination depending on the specific attractions they offer. For instance, Ko Tao gives you the opportunity to dive with whale sharks and KhaoLak is all about golden sand and family friendly environs.


Bangkok offers a lot of opportunities to visit some of the most hip and smart clubs in the world. For instance, if you were to go to Sukhumvit Road, then you can visit Soi 53 for Club Nove and Soi 16 for Long Table. Narz is known for its on stage performances and Glow for its parties with different themes.

There is plenty to do in a popular destination such as Bangkok. You can easily choose your accommodation, activities and itinerary depending on your specific interests. For sure, you will find something to do everywhere you go simply because Thailand has it all!

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