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Israel is the Holyland and a country known for its great archeological attractions, which pull visitors from all over the world. This international conference in Israel held to celebrate 50 years of scientific archaeological findings is the perfect convention to learn all about Israel’s past, have a tour to the historical sites and get to learn what they mean to Israel as a country.

Archeological Trips before Conference

Participants who will attend the 2015 International Conference in Israel will be treated to an early trip to some of the excavation sites around Jerusalem. The chief archeologists who have carried out excursion projects through the lands of the Bible will be present to give detailed accounts of the classical Jerusalem based on their findings.

Visitors will get a chance to learn about the old Jerusalem and the many artifacts that give details of the different eras and kingships that have ruled over the Holyland. A trip through the biblical cities of Israel reveals the times when the Israelites inherited the land, when they were persecuted and when they gained back the land. There are archeological sites around the Massada Dead Seas, as well as the Desert of Qumran.

Archeological Trips After the Conference

When the International Conference in Israel comes to an end, visitors will have enough time to see the other lands of the Bible that they did not get to see the first time around. These are the biblical cities located along the Mediterranean coast, which have been studied for years and have also produced amazing artifacts. The artifacts reveal historical accounts of the different inhabitants who used the ports, such as the Romans, the European crusaders, the Israelites and many more.

Other archeological sites on the tour to Israel itinerary will be the ancient deserts, the crusader’s battlefields, hidden graves and a final tour around Jerusalem that will explore the 6,000-year history of the city.

Don’t miss out on this tour to Israel for the coming International Israeli conference. Applicants can be from any country and don’t have to be archeological students or researchers to attend.

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