Tampa Florida Travel Guide

Hawaii, USA

Now, those of you who have seen the famous TV series, Lost, must have been taken aback looking at the enchanted golf courses hidden somewhere behind the bushes. Well, we cannot guarantee you that location, but yes, we can tell you where the series was shot. It is Hawaii and the best part is, many portions of this TV series were shot in Oahu, which has outstanding golf courses ready for you to explore. So, if you are going to Hawaii this holiday, do not forget to take your golf kit along with swimsuits. There waits for you the sun, sand and sea a very beautiful combination with intoxicating appeal that you will love to feel as you swing. If you have ever pictured yourself playing in the middle of some unusual backdrops like volcanic mountain, cascading waterfalls, cavernous ravines, or canyons, Hawaii can promise you all that at the brim of the Pacific coastlines.

South Africa

The land of wild has remained a popular tourist destination for all the animal lovers since ages. Jungle Safari and tribal livelihood have been the prime attractions until now. South Africa has also evolved as the host to some breathless golf courses. You can stay at the golf resorts of the Sun City in world-class accommodation and enjoy playing at its two stunning golf courses. What makes this place more interesting is the Legend Golf & Safari Resort. You can live in a bush-style accommodation and explore the unique golfing experiences.

There are many beautiful golf courses in Florida that attracts millions of tourists every year. However, if you have ticked all the boxes of these destinations, it is time to seek the unexpected and beautiful courses caressed by Mother Nature.

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