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Compiling travel data and making travel policies is just one step of travel management. It also needs to make sure that all those policies are implemented and properly followed by its employees. Travel management spends a lot of time and energy in collating all the information and then formulating travel policies and this would go waste if the policies are not adhered by the employees. Not only that, it would not serve the important purpose of saving and cost cutting and business would incur huge losses due to this. It becomes prime responsibility of travel management team to make sure all the policies are adhered and the employees take the maximum advantage of the set policies and have a comfortable travel experience. This will give full value of each dollar spent on travel to both employee and also organization.

As mentioned above, corporate travel management has become a vital part of all organizations. The role of corporate travel must be assessed in proper context; so that the worth can be appropriately measured and then appreciated accordingly. The reason being the many sided benefits it gives to the proper functioning of the organization.

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