South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa is a unique and diverse part of the African continent that has a lot of small towns worth travelling to whether you’re a tourist, looking into hotel jobs in small towns or simply looking to enjoy a weekend away with your loved ones. Each town has its own character and small South African town are often ignored as people navigate the beauteous rainbow nation. Here five towns handpicked by South African locals as unique destinations to experience the beauty of the nation:
Coffee Bay
Coffee Bay is located along the wild coast in the Eastern Cape and is home to The Hole in the Wall is one of its foremost destinations. The town is known for cattle grazing freely and the town is untouched by industrial development making it a breath-taking site with one of the best beaches in South Africa.
This is a hidden gem in the Free State that is often overlooked by people passing through the province. The inconspicuous village is known for being similar to a Mediterranean archipelago and is set against the fabulous backdrop of the Free State plains.
Graaff Reinet
This is the fourth oldest town in South Africa and is known for being home some of South Africa greatest industrialists and philanthropists. The town has an array of restaurants and cafes, the Camdeboo National Park is close by and so is the Valley of Desolation.
This gem lies outsode of Cape Town and was founded in 1854; the vintage town is historic in its nature and possess a pristine and peaceful atmosphere. In this town, cows and donkeys roam freely and this is coupled with an array of magnificent restaurants and cafes.
Prince Albert
Prince Albert is on the edge of the Karoo and on the other side lies the Swartberg Mountains, creating a beauteous scene for those who visit the town. The town is known for its Artistic architecture, The Showroom Theatre, a range of guesthouses and art galleries.

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