Songkran in Chiang Mai

We’re off to Chiang Mai, we’ve got like half an hour to get to our train a little bit more.

So, I’m hoping the MRT line runs quick because, we’re pretty behind Chiang Mai is actually really well known for the song Koran celebration. So the Thai new you the water festival is really big up there. So you should be cool okay there’s literally no one here.

So, we’re taking the MRT line. And this brings us directly to Kuala Lumpur, it’s not like that. And that’s where, we’re taking the night train.

So, we’ve got about a 12 hour night train ahead of us to get up to Chiang Mai. And yep should be pretty good though cuz we managed to get air-conditioned seats last time they were sold out and. So we have to take a fan.

And it got. So hot all right. So here I’ll sit up we have lower bunk.

And the top bunk as well. So top bunks a bit smaller but Abby. And I will watch the movie down here or edit or something yeah yeah there’s like no one on the strain right now which is weird because.

Songkran in Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

I thought it was sold out 7:00 in the morning. And I think, we’re just about arrived. So funny, we’re in a random coffee shop.

And we just live in vallata. And they made it a portrait of me, I’m gonna drink myself. And, we’re waiting for Abby’s reading yeah hopefully you look guys, I’m gonna hide because.

I see a pickup truck full of people with buckets people everywhere with. So we just arrived at the hotel, we’re meeting up with about 10 other people from California yeah, we’re gonna go explore Chiang Mai for the day today’s the last day of Songkran. I’ve got this to set up to my gun.

I just clip it on the front. And that’s how you can actually see basically from point of view of my gut kind of looks like a post game event, it’s really cool. I ordered a very large fried rice.

And chicken. And he took me very seriously this is a monolithic portion yeah, it’s a big word. I know baby laughing oh yeah.

So we think Abby has food poisoning considering she just ran into an alley to throw up. So, we’re trying to get her home but we have to make it through crazy mob, we’re rushing to get Abby home but we can’t get a taxi where the streets are all blocked off. And she’s getting pretty sick.

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