Not great polygamy factors. So today is the first day of some kind which is the big water festival here Bangkok. So you’re currently on the front of my gun which apparently is malfunctioning right now because if.

I try to shoot don’t just don’t assume, it’s not working last night we went to the club. And it was all outside. And everyone’s throwing water buckets everyone had water guns they’re just the craziest thing goes.

So much fun. And we got free McDonald’s with our cover all right let’s try this again. I got a new gun this gun is also pretty crap we literally set a bucket zone on us as we were driving by.

I need to hide my GoPro because. I don’t have the waterproof part on right now and. So if someone throws another bucket on it it could actually drag it right.

So on the side of the street you got an arsenal yeah you’re good. I know, I’m fine hold on come on to that give me one sec, I’m gonna look around yeah. I want a gun a big one one sec there’s some arms dealers here selling water guns for the three-day water festival.

So, it’s actually tying new year. So, it’s called Songtan. And you can find water guns everywhere hello oh this is a good gun 200 you’re bigger yeah that’s good yeah Oh got my new weapon for 300 baht which is about ten dollars.

So what we were literally driving. And people were throwing buckets there spring as proposes they had water guns almost everyone on the street has a water gun, it’s really really cool here. So, we’re gonna go to silom.

And yeah. I get food. And have a water for, we’re pretty much like mr.

. And mrs. Smith got all of our weapons of choice you’ve got the pistols for quick response she got that big ones for long distance my guy just came up.

And touched my face with his hands. And he had like some weird play sunscreen in here now Lauren today. I am making a homemade bucket start with some alcohol so.

I have some traditional sang some which is the rum here in Thailand. And you can get it at your local 7-eleven oh we got some spray here, we’re gonna have a good evening layer of spray oh that’s delicious in Thailand they also have bread. And crack that right open here we go just one ingredient is now missing.

And that is more voila you know have your own Mickey Mouse buckets. And you’re ready to party.

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