Sofitel Pool Party Thailand

This is a book Abby gave to me before leaving for Thailand. And basically every day. I get to read one page.

And there’s 60 pages because we think, we’re going to be about two months apart. And she’s got all sorts of little cool diagrams. And poems.

And nice things this one here does really make much sense. I mean first of all North America to Thailand here. I mean you got to think about the world’s curvature.

So you’re not going to travel that way across the earth they’ll take probably twice as long they can you know you probably wanted to take the plane up here. And then come back around here anyways that’s for another day. I am at day 25.

And behind this. I found a little hidden note. And basically what it told me is to go to the photo album Abby gave me which is right here.

Sofitel Pool Party Thailand Photo Gallery

And to look in behind the front page. And I realize now that the front page has been a love letter the whole time. So, I’m about to read that now.

And inside of it was just extremely cute. And nice little letter she wrote for me my girlfriend is the best my first home-cooked meal this morning. I got a delivery so.

I got some chocolate milk. And a few other supplies the big grocery chain here is called Tesco. And basically they actually delivered to your door for the equivalent of two Canadian dollars so.

I ordered all this stuff online. I got some bread. I ordered this frying pan.

So now. I can cook some chicken got a toaster some apples cream cheese. And a ton of eggs.

And chocolate milk basically, I’m just finding anything that can help me keep my weight on it then. I’ve lost probably almost 10 pounds since getting here. And, I’m already sick.

And tired of Thai food the rice is really getting to me. And there’s just not enough protein in it. So I need to spend a bit more money in time but gonna start making my own meals here this morning.

I got woken up by a huge storm in Thailand they don’t get rain very often but when they do get it, it’s just like a huge downpour. So for like 20 minutes it was like one of the loudest rains. I’ve ever heard.

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