Smallest Countries in the World to Visit

We’re looking at countries from around the world that have a lot to offer. Travelers, despite being modest in size.

10 and Dora this microstate could well be the best place in the world to go skiing

smallest countries in the world to visit

Sitting along the border between France and Spain, Andorra is located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range in a deep and scenic valley. The country boasts over 109 square miles of skiing territory and is famous for plenty of other winter sports too, including hockey and skating. Another big draw is its lack of duty tax, making it a hub of shopping destinations. You won’t be short of things to do. In Andorra’s mountainous landscape.

9 Malta This island – Map of Malta This island

Nation is located just a little South of Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean. Malta is densely populated and has a very rich culture. There’s evidence of people having lived there as far back as 5900 BC, and it has plenty of ancient ruins for the history buff and you like the enigmatic Hypogeum. But if R&R is more along the lines of what you’re after, Malta has an idyllic climate, its beaches perfect to visit for at least six months. Out of the year, it’s Capital City. Valletta is also a cultural hub. The entire thing was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.

8 Maldives – Map of Maldives

smallest countries in the world to visit 2

While the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, it’s made up of nearly 1200 Tropical Islands spreading throughout the Indian Ocean. Many are untouched by tourism. The atolls are the tropical destination of your dreams, complete with golden beaches lined with palm trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. On top of there being plenty of water activities ranging from kayaking to surfing, the Maldives is also home to many resorts which place a big focus on responsible tourism. Interestingly, the Maldives is also the lowest country in the world by elevation.

7 Saint Kitts and Nevis – Map of Saint Kitts and Nevis

smallest countries in the world to visit

These two islands collectively make up the smallest state in the Western Hemisphere and have been inhabited for roughly the last 3000 years since gaining independence from the British Empire in the 1980s. The nation has been making a name for itself in the tourism industry. It’s now a popular place for tropical weddings, and the food is simple but delicious. West Indian fare and much of it is produced locally. Expertly prepared by chefs who have mastered the regional dishes. Finally, its beautiful seas are home to a black coral reef, one scuba divers and snorkelers alike will delight in exploring.

6 Marshall Islands – Map of Marshall Islands

smallest countries in the world to visit 1

Made up of 29 beautiful coral atolls, the Marshall Islands. Or a low lying country first settled in the year 2000 BC, but despite their overwhelming beauty and dense population, there are worries that the Marshall Islands are at the greatest risk from climate change. Another reason the islands were once in crisis has now become a strange and unusual tourist attraction. They were once the site of US nuclear tests decades ago. Now you can see places like Cactus Dome, a covered nuclear crater and Bikini Atoll, where 23 nuclear detonations were carried out. Provided you keep a generous distance.

5 Austria – Map of Austria

smallest countries in the world to visit 3

Between Austria and Switzerland is this independent nation, which has slowly become a thriving tourist destination thanks to generous tax laws and stunning scenery. It’s also a business and economic hub, and remarkably even been touted as quite the most industrialized nation in the world. If you are not a business owner though, you still won’t run out of things to do. There are plenty of renowned museums like the National Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Where you can learn about least dense Tynes, culture and history and check out stunning Gutenberg Castle which has free admission.

4 San Marino – Map of San Marino

smallest countries in the world to visit 4

The oldest state in Europe, is also one of the tiniest micro states within Italy, but San Marino is still its own country founded in the year 301 AD by the Roman stone Mason. St. Mary knows when he rebuilt the city’s walls. If you visit today some of the most awe inspiring attractions are its tall fortresses. The rogue Way to is the most interesting of these, built directly atop a sheer Cliff over 1000 years ago, and where Italy is famous for its Gelato. San Marino is even more proud of its own take on the food, and that’s a very good thing.

3 Tuvalu – Map of Tuvalu

smallest countries in the world to visit 5

Tuvalu is nestled out in the waters between Hawaii and Australia. A series of nine picturesque islands, the Polynesian country is incredibly remote. If you’re looking for an escape from. Other over commercialized vacation destinations to Volo is somewhere you should consider next time you need a break from it all with no big cities and only one runway to follow is best explored by hiring a motorcycle or even just walking while taking small boats between the islands and Reeves. If it’s the relaxation you want , Volo has plenty to offer in spite of its small size.

2 Monaco – Map of Monaco

smallest countries in the world to visit 2

The city state of Monaco is far from isolated. And the casino Monte Carlo is one of the most famous in the world. But if gambling isn’t your thing, there is plenty more culture to take in elsewhere. Interestingly, Monaco still has a monarchy and its reigning monarch as Albert, the second Prince of Monaco, who also happens to be the son of Hollywood icon Grace Kelly, who quit acting when she married into the country’s royal family. While there, you can visit the Princess Palace, the Nouvel Museum Nacional de Monaco and the very popular oceanographic museum before we unveil our top. Pic here are a few honorable mentions.

1 Vatican City – Map of Vatican City

smallest countries in the world to visit 6

Italy, political map, administrative divisions. Italian Republic with capital Rome, 20 regions and their capitals, international borders and neighbor countries. English labeling. Illustration. Vector.

Officially the smallest country in the world, Vatican City is only 44 hectares in area with a full-time population of about 1000, including the Pope, and is the center of the Catholic Church located inside Rome. Geographically speaking, many areas of the Vatican are open for the public to visit while they’re also touring the Italian capital. In fact, much of the Vatican’s income is from admissions to the various. Points of interest because the city has no taxation, tourists can visit Saint Peter’s Square. See the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican museums, and even walk around Saint Peter’s Basilica, the largest religious building in the world.

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