Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Reviews

Some impressions before starting my tour. Six Senses Thimphu is an ultraluxe and serene sanctuary in the Himalayas. Six Senses Thimphu is located near the capital of Bhutan. The lodge is a one hour drive from Paro, the only international airport in the country. The lodge is part of Six Senses Bhutan. Six Senses Bhutan comprises five individual lodges located in five separate valleys. The five lodges vary in style and design. They showcase the diversity and special character of each valley.

I will also upload posts of two other lodges. Six Senses Punakha and Six Senses Paro (stay tuned). Six Senses Thimphu is the largest one of the five lodges. Let’s explore the lobby pavilion, which is located at the center of the resort. The light-filled lobby features spectacular views. Six Senses Thimphu sits 7,700 ft (2,200 m) up the mountainside. Six Senses Thimphu calls itself a “Palace in the Sky”. The property overlooks the Himalayan landscape and the capital city in the valley below. This is the reception area. The lodge provides impeccable, world-class service by a traditionally drt.

He or she coordinates guests’ needs and requirements with the other Six Senses lodges. The GEM accompanies guests on their Bhutan journ He or she coordinates guests’ needs and requirements with the other Six Senses. The lobby features a large lounge. The decor is modern with clean lines and an abundance of wood paneling. Next to the lobby is a boutique shop It sells artifacts, souvenirs and clothes. Six Senses is also one of my favorite hotel brands. Which one is your favorite hotel brand? Leave a comment.

Six Senses
was established in 1988. The brand was launched by Sonu Shivdasani, CEO of the Soneva Company. Sonu sood Six Senses in 2012. Since then, Soneva and Six Senses flourish independently. Have you ever stayed at Six Senses Thimphu?. If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment. Next to the lobby is the lodge’s only dining room. The restaurant is named Namkha, which means ‘sky’ in Dzongkha. Food at the resort is delicious. The lodge’s chefs prepare healthy cuisine, always made with organic ingredients. There’s always a choice between Western &. Guests can also sample local dishes, such as momos dumplings with The restaurant offers great views of Thimphu.

I’ll also upload a short post with a tour of the city and its main attractions. Breakfast is also served at Namkha. I’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the end of this post. The lobby pavilion features a large ‘sunken’ terrace. The terrace is surrounded by an enormous reflective water pond. A prayer pavilion is located at the end of the Both the terrace and prayer pavilion offer spectacular views of the Himalaya! . Traditional music is played here at selected. It’s a nice spot to socialize with other guests under a starlit sky. Bhutan is a popular destination for discerning travel. Besides Six Senses, the Aman and Como hotel brands are also present here. Bhutan is a popular destination for. Six Senses Thimphu features 25 suites and villas.

They are located a short hike up the hill from the lobby (buggy service is also provided). The suites are housed in five two-story pavilions. There are four suites per pavilion (two on each floor). I stayed in this suite during my visit. Room category: Lodge Suite. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and a 60 min massage for two (link below post). The suite features expansive timber-framed windows. They provide awe-inspiring valley and mountain views. I visited the lodge shortly after it opened. The landscape was still maturing (which explains the barren resort grounds in this post). The suite is designed in soft tones and simple lines. The sitting area features a bukhari (traditional wood-burning stove).

The two single beds are handmade from natural fiber Guests can also request a suite with a king size bed configuration. Guests can also request a suite with a king size bed configuration. The bathroom is equipped with two sinks. A standalone bathtub is located next to a large timber-framed window. The shower is located in a separate cubicle. The toilet is also set in its own separate room. Bulk-size toiletries are provided. This allows Six Senses to reduce its waste footprint and environmental impact. Bhutan is the world’s only carbon-negative country. It keeps 60 percent of its land under forest cover, as mandated by its constitution.

Bhutan’s National Happiness philosophy is based on:. Sustainability, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and good governance. The suite has a nice balcony. It is equipped with a sofa and a chair. The lodge also has one- to three-bedroom villas. These villas have private spas with traditional hot stone bathtubs. This is the view from the suite on a clear day October to December is the best time to visit Bhutan under clear, sunny skies. October to December is the best time to visit Bhutan under clear, sunny skies. Bhutan features rugged mountain terrain. Its highest peak, at 7,570 m (24,840 ft) above sea level, is Gangkhar Puensum.

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