So we just arrived in Seiki horn we took a really early boat across the water is. So clear here we were a last night till like 4:00 in the morning at a karaoke bar it was.

So much fun like literally just met these people on a bus. And here we are in the middle of nowhere in a karaoke bar scene. So last night we had about two hours of sleep but, we’re up there is the old church of Sikkim or the Philippines has a very Spanish influence in it, it’s a lot of the older buildings like this church here you can tell our almost European looking, it’s because they were colonized by the Spanish first followed by the Japanese for a couple years.

And then the Americans took over. And we just had a traditional Filipino barbecued chicken they actually take the chicken. And slow roast it over charcoal.

And, it’s some of the best chicken. I’ve ever had, it’s like marinated in vinegar. And soy sauce it’s so good. And they have hanging rice. So the rice is actually kept in one of these little things you rip it open.

And they keep it hanging for some reason like no one’s been able to explain to me why but tastes different than normal right. So, it’s pretty good this today is a rig yes, I’m good. I am today’s pilot alright I’ll bring you guys off to work oh.

And I love you how is it back there nice okay oh there’s lots of smoke out, it’s really big part of the Filipino culture to have fighting roosters. So here we are at our hostel. And there’s two roosters just caged you hear so.

I was just talking to the lady. And basically they have nice that they strapped to the roosters feet. And they automatically fight as soon as they see another male.

And they fight about once a month until they die basically she said a good one c’mon animators. And fight maybe. I don’t know she said like ten fights is like a really good rooster but obviously every now.


And then they’ll fight. And get injured. And then that’s when they have to like you know take a month off.

And heal but pretty pretty brutal sport. So our car started smoking in the driver’s compartment. So I quickly pulled over.

And a couple of locals are gonna take a look at it there’s Tino. And shotgun na stop heading out one of the guys has pulled the front cap off like the front of the car. And it literally just shot hot water or oil everywhere so.

I don’t understand what’s going on but obviously cars aren’t supposed to do that. I’ve been on the right side there’s a cute little kitty of it everyone here seems fairly handy. So I think, we’re good just needed more water for coolant, it’s an easy fix thank you.

So much this is one of the churches in city whore which is just a random little island. And you have to have this massive Cathedral goes to show the European influences once here, it’s a really grand. And beautiful.

I absolutely love the Philippines already the people here are so nice. And like after being in Thailand it’s so difficult to communicate with people cuz no one speaks English here everyone speaks English since like elementary school. So they’ve learned it throughout their entire lives. And they all speak really really well.

And how do you say that humble guy or Booga hi come come who got high Falls feels. So nice job hahahahaha impressive taking loads. And jump, we’re going to jump off the cliff gun shows a lot too but they have a choice either your swan dive look who came to join tino the traveling monkey came with us.

And he loves waterfalls oh my gosh is the cave that’s really cool just outside yeah, it’s a. I had lots of coconut this is actually paradise the water is. So clear this little platform with the water slightly comes off but you can see the tides out right now because the waterslide is at least like 10 feet above the water.

I don’t know if, it’s open right now but it literally is the perfect water it goes from like totally clear to slightly greening. And all the way to the dark blue. I don’t know about you but.

I am NOT down to jump off of this that is. So far down there. I think, it’s just super deep right now especially because the tides out.

I don’t know if you could actually safely jump from the site right now but, it’s not closed off. So maybe I’ll just push Abby off see how it goes of course if the time is higher Jeff guy with you all my friends jump down totally jump that’s. So far Abby.

And I are trying to convince ourselves to jump off this high dive we see a few people do it now. And like, it’s fairly easy but, it’s terrifying because the water is. So salty you literally cannot sink if you try the water just pushes you right back up, it’s crazy all right it is my time to jump off the infamous Hightower swimming over to the ladder thought.

I can meet my fate my time has come here folks three two one jump low job go off go high you go low uh yeah, we’re ready three two one jab successfully. And I could feel it like. So it was that’s got to be at least.

I don’t know fifty feet today’s been such a good day, we’re literally having the best time of our lives oh my gosh don’t it no don’t yeah, we’re down here for the day, we’re gonna go get a few drinks maybe finish our sangria. And then. I don’t know discover more Filipino culture.

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