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You planned this vacation for quite sometime now, you have imagined every happy scenario and dreamt of having one of the best moment of your life. Then, reality hits you. Bad things can happen when you least expect it.

For you to be prepared for unplanned things, you need to know that possible bad things can break you vacation spell.

I have prepared a list based on my, and my friends travel experiences, here they are;

1. Lost Passport You don’t want this to happen to you. You can run into various types of trouble if you fail to produce a passport when demanded identification when you’re in a foreign country. Solution: keep it somewhere safe, like inside a hotel safe. Photocopy or take a picture of it, and carry this always with you instead.

2. Lost baggage imagine the experience of getting to your destination and your baggage was transported to half way around the world. Not a good thought, is it. That’s why you need to get the best travel insurance. Singapore, New York, Tokyo and other tourist magnet cities have expensiveshops if you’re going to buy clothes and other replacements. Having an insurance covers you for this kind of emergency.

3. Health emergency if you have any allergies, wear an allergy bracelet. This is most applicable to people who have peanut allergy and the location you’re going have local dishes that have peanut as their ingredient. Always ask the waitress or cook what are the ingredients of the dish before ordering.

4. Accommodation is full some hotels, guest houses, and B&B overbook. For bookings made months in advance (hotel bookings are sometimes cheaper when booked way ahead of the travel time), always call or email your hotel two days ahead of your arrival. As much as possible, aside from your confirmation booking, secure a confirmation that the place is ready when you arrive.

5. The local store doesn’t provide your size this is especially true when you are traveling to a remote location. Limited local inventory means they will likely provide sizes that are more common locally, so if you are either bigger or taller than the locals, prepare extra shirts and undergarments.

6. Your wallet containing cash and credit cards gets stolen while all of us try to be more careful when traveling overseas, some are not too lucky and encounter thieves. If you have travel insurance, this incident is covered, as well as reimbursement for the replacement cost of your credit cards. To avoid having all your money gets stolen, make sure you keep your money in different secure places and just bring enough cash with you.

7. You’re unable to make the trip despite careful planning convincing your boss to allow you to go on vacation, fully planned itinerary, and even took short lessons on the local dialect sometimes, uncontrollable situation happens, like getting sick. Normally, any advanced payments will be lost plus expect to be billed for cancellation charges. If you availed of a travel insurance, these last minute cancellation fees are covered plus you can recover any advance payments made.

Bad things happen, yes, but remember the real purpose why you want to travel is to enjoy and have a vacation time for yourself. If any of the above happens to you, just go along and try to enjoy your trip as much as you can.

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